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China's LED display industry toward high-end market is premature

by:Toponetech     2021-03-05
At present, the domestic LED display are flawed, even to a certain extent, has caught up with and even surpassed some LED enterprises abroad, but in the control system, LED display and peripheral products such as video processor is not display the steps of development, enterprise on surrounding equipment seriously insufficient, lead to the whole industry LED display product display effect. As the LED display products geared to the needs of development of globalization, the Chinese LED display product is walking the world, the market demand for LED display display effect across the entire project, if only by the leading LED display technology, and can't match with corresponding display products, high-end products in the long term, China's LED display industry will not be able to meet the needs of high-end market abroad. 1, peripheral equipment is the key to the display screen downstream product innovation at the beginning of the development of LED display, display manufacturer for video processor this product has no concept, also didn't realize the advantage of the special equipment. LED manufacturers were mostly through the computer software player for video playback and use, it has a lot to the limitations of the application of LED display, at a time when foreign high-end LED display system is a professional video processing equipment, if domestic LED display stays in an age of computer graphics, we in the image quality of LED display system, operation control and extension of video signals is not a professional system structure. Due to the long-term development of peripheral equipment has been brought to the attention of the LED display company, in the international market has formed a certain disadvantage. Today, foreign markets is a big demand for peripheral equipment products, the demand for LED peripheral devices also presents the trend of diversification, and he desperately wants to products on the domestic market price is different, the north American market customers to have high stability of the product and function requirements, and at the request of the after-sales service is quite strict, they pay attention to product design and detail, is willing to pay a higher price for high quality products, for brand loyalty is high. While supporting products in Europe and America market to high-end products, and occupied by a foreign high-end brands, domestic processors is mainly concentrated in the low-end market competition. With emphasis on technology research and development degree of LED display industry gradually enhanced, LED display peripheral equipment technology research and development and has become the focus of the industry. At present, there have been some enterprises begin to carry out the LED industry chain construction, but because of the domestic LED industry 'price war', paid attention to only domestic customers more affordable, cost-effective, and LED display companies don't have master control system technology, LED to the use of LED display enterprise in the aspect of control system is limited, the two sides did not close cooperation opportunity, so for now, the construction of perfect LED industry chain for enterprises or restrictive. 2, peripheral equipment enterprises should break through the situation as the construction of a complete industrial chain is dependent on the peripheral devices and LED display enterprises cooperation and peripheral enterprises technical innovation is the fresh blood of the LED industry, it can carry on the product quality breakthrough LED LED downstream, can also inspire middle product forward progress. Quality is the basis of a product, as a result of the domestic market LED products 'homogeneity' serious, many leading enterprises begin to pay more attention to product technology research and development, in order to break through the homogenous problem. Actually, peripheral equipment product quality directly affect the downstream of the LED display screen product quality, under the market competition, technology-oriented enterprises should seize their own advantages, attract the attention of other companies to raise the attention of the peripheral equipment. Anyhow, LED display peripheral devices is important indispensable role in the entire LED industry chain, it can display the results from the influence of LED display products overall, although our country LED display peripherals in the proportion of LED industry chain is not particularly big, but for the whole LED display has an irreplaceable role in promoting transformation and upgrading of products, therefore, form a complete set of products and LED display products to bring out the best in each other's screen.
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