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Causes of water ripples when taking pictures on the led display

by:Toponetech     2021-06-05
Abstract: Water is the source of all things. The formal beauty and cultural beauty of water ripples are a classic figure among traditional Chinese patterns, and it contains a profound traditional cultural spirit. From the water worship of primitive people, the moral culture of the philosophers 'shangshen is like waterIt is a classic figure in traditional Chinese patterns and contains a profound spirit of traditional culture. From the water worship of primitive people, the ethical culture of the sage 'Shang Shan is like waterEverywhere, and quietly climbed up everyone's led display.   But the water ripples on the have not been loved by everyone, and it can even be said to be disgusting. Especially in some conferences, studios, on-site events and other occasions where a lot of photography and video are used, the water ripples on the on-site touch display make the original * event spread through pictures and videos, and it will become blemish. hate.   It turns out that the beauty of the screen can complement each other, but the water ripples on the screen make the screen drop a few grades. However, the severe water ripples made the live broadcast screens covered with natural mosaics, and they could not even be the background, which completely lost its effect.  The reason for the flooding of water ripples is the insufficient refresh rate of the used. When the image is taken, some lines on the are not lit, and a series of water ripples occur. Take a 1/4 scan screen equipped with an ordinary cross-current driver IC and a refresh rate of 1000Hz as an example. Set the camera's exposure time to 1/1000 second, 1/500 second, 1/800 second, 1/2000 second, and the following will appear: This situation. 1. Only at the shutter speed of 1/500 second, all lines are lit twice, and the brightness is consistent. 2. At shutter speeds of 1/800 sec and 1/1000 sec, part of the lines are lit up once more, resulting in different degrees of water ripples. 3. At a shutter speed of 1/2000 sec, half of the lines are not lit. You can imagine the number of water ripples. 4. Only when the refresh frequency is greater than 2 times the shutter speed of the camera, the will not show water ripples. 【LED transparent glass screen】【LED glass screen】【 screen】
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