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Catering management, application of touch display in smart ordering machine

Catering management, application of touch display in smart ordering machine


With the continuous development of touch technology, touch monitors are applied to more and more life scenarios, and the food ordering machine is closely related to us. Customers can connect to the ordering system in the store through the QR code at the seat, and can directly place an order and locate the corresponding table number. This popular ordering method is in line with the development trend of mobile digitalization. It can make customers more convenient. It can also reduce the service burden of hotel staff.

The most applications of smart ordering are ordering and settlement, and the complete smart ordering can be applied more, such as supporting flexible and diverse settlement methods, supporting cash, checks, credit cards, pending accounts, free orders, gift certificates, running orders, membership cards, etc.. All these functions and settlement methods can be quickly realized by simply touching the touch screen on the ordering machine, saving a lot of time. It can order food independently, cashier at the front desk, service call, kitchen interaction, reservation and information management.

27 inch touch monitor

Complete smart ordering is to use modern electronic technology, touch technology, computer technology, and network technology to replace traditional paper and pen, and directly touch the screen with fingers to achieve ordering. The ordering system is composed of hardware and software. The system hardware mainly includes touch display, host computer and printer.

Different application scenarios have different requirements for the main functions of the ordering system. The hardware device can complete the matching design of the functional module and the appearance of the device according to the needs. The ordering machine with software system is widely used in restaurants, chain restaurants, coffee shops, hot pot restaurants, food courts, bars and other places. For these scenarios, touch smart hardware devices have multiple application requirements to improve restaurant quality and improve customer dining experience.

Top One Tech has a number of successful cases in the ordering machine. The touch display has various installation methods such as embedded, wall-mounted, desktop, VESA hanging, etc., to meet the application in various scenarios. Low power consumption, can run uninterrupted for a long time, simple interface, smooth touch, multimedia menu display, economic and  environmental protective, timely information and real-time update menu system.

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