Case-Customization of Touch Monitor for Spanish Game Kiosk Equipment Distributor

The cooperation with the game kiosk equipment distributor from Spain had some twists and turns from the initial communication about needs to the final delivery. We had jointly completed the supply project of customized 23.8-inch monitors for the Top2 game operator in Spain. We used our professional experiences to help optimize the original product in its structure and performance design, which significantly improved the user experience of the final finished products. At present, this customer has become a long-term cooperative customer of our company, and a new cooperation project comes every year.


Customer Background

The client is a large-scale and relatively impactful game kiosk distributor in Spain. In addition to game-related equipment, it also acts as an agent for printer sales and product assembly. It has a number of cooperative foundries. The client has been cooperating with local Top2 game operators.

At that time, our sales staff took the initiative to find them. Their pain point at the time was that they did not have a satisfying display supplier having only one agency office of a Chinese foundry in Spain that gave them a high quotation, which made them have no price competitive advantage in the market, so they wanted to find an original factory in China directly. The customer had relatively high requirements for lower prices, because of the fierce local competition in Spain. The customer hoped to get a quotation close to the ex-factory price of the factory in China.


Communication Process

It is difficult for us to meet the price expectations set by this customer, but they are very sincere to do the business and even willing to directly introduce the game operator to us to increase our profit margins, and we only need to pay a certain service fee to them. We were moved by their sincerity, so our company decided to cooperate after evaluating their capability and asked them to estimate the future target market demand and how much they expected to purchase in the near future.

At the beginning of the cooperation, the customer provided the 3D design drawings and samples of the product. After analyzing the drawings and samples provided by the customer, we found that their screen structure needs to be optimized, so we added a lock screen bar to the screen.

After careful observation of the samples, we found that the original product design caused a LED light leakage at the LOGO position, and the lamp beads inside could be seen, which affected the look. In order to better improve the product user experience, we suggested customers add a diffuser made of acrylic to the screen to achieve the effect of diffusing the light source. After a year of intermittent communication, the customized sample was shipped  out and then we encountered the pandemic, and the cooperation progress was temporarily put on hold.

Two years later, the customer reached an agreement with their game operator customer, and we obtained the first batch of bulk order from the customer. At the end of 2021, the customer placed orders for more than 400 units and 800 units 23.8-inch custom touch monitors in October and December respectively. It can be seen that the customer’s project has finally started and has been making progress. This batch of goods was finally be shipped in January 2022. In later 2022, the customer came to us and re-ordered 23.8-inch touch monitor, and we completed the delivery at the end of 2022.

During this period, we kept in touch with the customer. In addition to providing customers with customized design and production of products, we also actively provided them with some product-related suggestions and local supplier information. For example, they were looking for a supplier of cabinet locks during the period, and we recommended a reliable manufacturer located in Zhejiang Province for them. We also provided a detailed progress evolution timetable to assist customers in advancing the project progress, and promptly remind customers to prepare the corresponding funds, customs declaration, customs clearance, and inspection materials and procedures.

There was also an accident during this period. When the customer received the first sample, they found that the color of the LOGO was wrong. It should have been bright green, but it turned out to be gray-green. The customer was a little angry at the time. After receiving the feedback, we immediately contact the ink supplier and ask the supplier to re-adjust more than 10 versions of ink. We covered all the related costs until the customer was satisfied. Such a quick and sincere attitude to deal with the problem has once again impressed the customer, and we continued our cooperation.

In addition to the 23.8-inch monitor, the customer also placed three repeated orders for the 21.5-inch touch monitor from us. Because it is a regular product for indoor use, the entire communication, production and delivery process went smoothly.


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