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Capacitive touch screen working principle Touch technology Touch position detection

by:Toponetech     2021-10-27
Since the development of capacitive touch technology, there is a situation where a hundred flowers are competing for beauty. From the author's analysis of thousands of patent materials, it can be roughly divided into four categories: (1) touch position detection; (2) touch panel Manufacturing process; (3) touch gestures; (4) touch materials. Among them, the 'touch position detection' technology at the top of the pyramid has a major impact on the capacitive touch industry. Touch position detection technologies can be further divided into five categories. The first four categories are mainstream practices in the market, including charge and discharge methods, charge transfer methods, mutual capacitance technologies, and differential touch technologies. These technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages. Among them, mutual capacitance technology has many disadvantages in design, including the generation of a large amount of circuit noise, extremely high circuit accuracy, the size is not easy to enlarge, and the cost of the double-layer structure is higher. However, various disadvantages cannot be offset by a major function, which is the gesture operation brought by multi-touch, which is widely loved by the public, making mutual-capacitance touch technology the leading mainstream technology in the current touch technology. Since the big enemy of mutual capacitance touch is noise, it takes considerable effort to eliminate noise. Some manufacturers with insufficient resources naturally seek more effective methods to deal with this problem, and the differential touch method is obviously effective. Key technology, so manufacturers using this technology are like the crucian carp. Measure the capacitance value? It is called a capacitive touch screen, which needs to measure the capacitance value to calculate the touch position; when the hand touches the screen, the screen senses the change in capacitance value and calculates the touch position, so as to achieve the touch effect. Perhaps it is not necessary to measure the capacitance value. Isn't it possible to measure other characteristics? This has yet to be developed by the 'technical apes'.
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