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Capacitive touch screen with the traditional touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-06-08
Capacitive touch screen is widely used in touch products, so the capacitive touch screen and what is the difference between the traditional touch screen? Touch screen manufacturers said actually implement principle of touch screen is roughly same, is to increase transparency in normal LCD touch panel. And what we call the types of resistive and capacitive is divided according to its working principle is different. At present the classification of the touch screen are resistive, capacitive, infrared type, surface acoustic wave four types, capacitive touch screen has replaced the resistive touch screen, become a trend. Touch screen manufacturers said capacitive touch screen with traditional resistive touch screen is very different. Resistive touch screens on the job every time can only judge a touch point, if the touch point in two or more, can't make the right judgment, so applies only to click resistive touch screens, some simple actions, such as drag and drop the judgment. And the multi-touch capacitive touch screen, the user's touch can be decomposed to collect more signals and judge two work, complete the complex action of judgment. Use two fingers stretching, switch on the screen to complete fun operations such as zoom, rotate, the capacitive touch screen, is almost unimaginable. Apple iPhone, created a touch agitation soon; Soon after, apple and 56-point thrashing, launched the same multi-touch support iPodtouch ( In fact also is equivalent to a simplified version of the iPhone) And also by the users and media.
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