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Capacitive touch screen will dominate the future labor market

by:Toponetech     2020-06-06
Capacitive touch screen is on the glass surface with a layer of transparent conductive material special metal. When the fingers on the metal layer, contact capacitance will change, that is connected with the oscillator frequency is changed, by measuring the frequency changes can determine the touch location to obtain information. Resistive touch screen screen body part is a stick on the surface of the display, multi-layer composite membrane, by a layer of glass and organic glass as grassroots, surface coated with a layer of transparent conductive layer, with a layer of surface hardening treatment again above, smooth scratch-resistant plastic layer. When his fingers on the touch screen, where the two layers of conductive layer contact resistance change, produced in the X and Y directions signals, then send a touch screen controller. With popular words to explain is: capacitive touch by hand to operate better, because it is the human body as an electrode for induction. Resistive screen by pressing, induction by resistance particles, suitable for wearing gloves and cannot direct contact with the hand control of the situation. In 2018, according to market research, global touch with fear and trepidation charge will rise to $31. 9 billion. Among them, the capacitive touch screen for multi-touch sensitive, high light transmittance, long life and other excellent performance, increasing market recognition, have occupied the whole of touch-screen market share first. It is known that the mainland of capacitive touch control in the market capacity value in 2014, about 4 billion yuan can share conversion, in 2020, is expected to more than 600 of the capacitive touch control in the market value, huge market capacity
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