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Capacitive touch screen why so popular

by:Toponetech     2020-06-04
At present the touch screen on market many capacitive touch-screen, why capacitive touch screen so popular? Capacitive touch screen is on the glass surface with a layer of transparent conductive material special metal, when the fingers on the metal layer, contact capacitance will change, that is connected with the oscillator frequency is changed, by measuring the frequency changes can determine the touch location to obtain information. It is to use the body electric field can be conductive to form current, the current issue from the touch screen on the four corners of the electrodes respectively formed four current controller based on the four current ratio of precise calculation, it is concluded that the location of the touch point. Capacitive touch to achieve multi-touch, rely on is to increase the mutual capacitance electrode, simply put, is to screen block, in every region set up a set of mutual capacitance modules are independent, so the capacitance screen can detect a touch of the regional independence, after processing, simply realize multi-touch. The precision can reach 99%, with less than 3 ms response speed. Therefore, capacitive touch screen technology due to its novelty, the characteristics of high reliability, durability and flexibility is more and more popular with the masses of consumers and manufacturers, such as crown of photoelectric technology co. , LTD. , the capacitance touch screen, size 3. 5 - 64 inch capacitive touch. Covers everything from basic to high-end application scenario, the technology is more and more widely used in consumer electronics, medical, industrial automation and computer peripherals, and other applications.
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