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Capacitive touch screen touch no reaction

by:Toponetech     2020-07-27
Capacitive touch screen using will have some trouble, so what reason be cause? Crown teck touch screen we summarized some reasons, for your reference! Touch screen generally use a serial port for signal transmission, from the PS / 2 port signal, and TPS screen from the host power directly. If the light is not bright, don't take to the signal, PS / 2 line in the control box may be broken. If the light is on, but still not flash, explain the control box is broken, so users have to change the control box. If change the control box or not, is likely to be the screen being too tight, need to be surrounded by the screw loose slightly, because the touch screen is made of special materials, it's not easy to damage. If the serial interface is bad or is disabled, will cause the driver can't install, because when you install the driver, automatically looking for a serial port. Even if can install, also can appear the mouse did not move or can't locate. Don't judge the stand or fall of serial port, using serial mouse may be a serial port 9 root in view of the different way they have for their use. If the screen is pressed, or ground wire is not good, will lead to a location. If there are some areas can not click or slow response, it is possible that the dust effect, need to open the shell to remove dust.
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