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Capacitive touch screen technology standards

by:Toponetech     2020-08-21
Capacitive touch screen technology standards Material: completely scratch-resistant glass ( Mohs hardness 7 h) , not easy by spikes scratch and wear and tear, is not affected by common sources of pollution, such as water, fire, radiation, static electricity, dust or grease, etc. And have a eye function of goggles. Sensitivity: less than two ounces of force application can induction, less than 3 ms for quick response. Definition: the three kinds of surface treatment () To choose from. SMT controller MTBF is greater than 572600 hours ( Every MILHANDBOOK - 217 - F1) 。 Touch life: touch any can withstand more than 50 million times, a cursor is not drift after correction. Capacitive touch technology is the use of the fingers near the capacitive touch panel touch technology that is produced when the capacitance. Capacitance touch there are two important parameters, and the upper one is finger sensor material ( Such as ITO) Between the capacitance sensor, the other is between the sensor material ( Such as ITO the lower level) Or between sensing material and optical panel ( Such as ITO and LCD) The parasitic capacitance. Produces the parasitic capacitance between conductors and conductors, and when your fingers close to the different voltage sensing conductor conductor, also can produce induction capacitance change. Effect of capacitance sensor is how in the larger parasitic capacitance value ( 30 pico Farad; pF) Detect 0. 1 ~ 2 pF unit small induction capacitance change. Holtek semiconductor design product two everywhere long out of thought, capacitive touch technology is relatively stable, high reliability, with the characteristics of the human body is a capacitor body, when in contact with touch panel produced by the capacitance sensor touch effect. Atmel marketing director Christopher Ard pointed out that the sensor design can be a single ITO graphics, used for low functional interfaces, such as single touch point used in various applications such as large virtual button, slider, but more common implementation plan is two layers of design ( The X and Y layer alone) , it needs higher performance and complexity degrees.
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