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Capacitive touch screen, industrial touch screen, industrial touch screen, large size touch screen

by:Toponetech     2021-10-29
As more and more customers use industrial control all-in-ones, the market for industrial control all-in-ones is also growing. In many public places, you can even see where some industrial control all-in-ones are placed to provide people with convenient services. For many laymen who are not familiar with touch all-in-ones, how should they choose industrial control all-in-ones? 1. Industrial control all-in-one Touch screen of the machine A good performance all-in-one machine seems to have a good touch screen. A good touch screen can make the operation more convenient. When it comes to touch screen, it consists of two main parts: touch screen and LCD screen. However, when buying a screen, the price is often different depending on the size of the screen. For industrial control all-in-ones, the bigger the screen, the better, you have to consider the occasion of use and the corresponding purchasing power. The touch screens used in industrial control all-in-ones are mainly capacitive touch screens, but there are also a few resistive touch screens. The main capacitive touch screens on the market are mainly divided into: G+G capacitive touch screen, G+F+F capacitive touch screen, P+G capacitive touch screen, etc. These touch screens are not the same in price and quality. Users can follow Choose different styles of capacitive touch screens for your own needs. 2. Purchasing the peripherals of the industrial control all-in-one machine according to specific needs is an important part of the touch all-in-one machine. The demand and price determine the brand and model of the peripheral. Expensive is not necessarily good, it is good to choose the right one! 3. In terms of software function, the touch all-in-one machine itself integrates the functions of a computer and a display, and uses touch operations to replace the mouse and keyboard. Basically, the computer can achieve Function, touch all-in-one machine can do it. Due to the different use environment, the required touch all-in-one functions are also different, so there are various other names such as teaching touch all-in-one, conference touch all-in-one, inquiry touch all-in-one, advertising touch all-in-one, etc. Touch all-in-ones have different collocations The touch software can realize more functions and can be used in various scenarios such as education and teaching, conference training, and information query. When purchasing a touch screen all-in-one machine, it is recommended to learn more about the functions of the touch all-in-one machine, or go to the official website of the manufacturer to learn about the product. The above is the main content on how to choose an industrial control all-in-one machine. In fact, the main part of the industrial control all-in-one machine is the touch screen, and users generally operate by touching it. Rongguan Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development + sales of touch screens, which are mainly used for industrial control all-in-ones, large-size all-in-ones, mobile phones and car GPS, as well as capacitive touch screens for smart homes, which can be customized according to the specific needs of customers.
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