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Capacitive touch screen, industrial touch screen, industrial touch screen, large size touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-06-08
More and more customers with the use of industrial control machine, industrial control all-in-one PC market is becoming more and more big. In many public occasions and even put some industrial control machine can be seen where to provide convenient service for people, and for many not familiar with touch all-in-one outsiders should be how to choose the all-in-one control? 1. All-in-one control in the article the all-in-one seems to be a good performance of touch screen has a good touch screen, good touch screen that can make the operation more convenient, when it comes to touch it altogether is composed of two main parts: touch screen and LCD screen. However in screen of choose and buy when often with screen size, the size of the price also is different. For industrial control all-in-one not screen is bigger, the better, still have to consider using occasion and the corresponding purchasing power. And industrial integration confidential use the touch screen is capacitive touch screen, there are a few of the resistance type. Major of capacitive touch screen on the market mainly divided into: G + G capacitive touch screen, G + + F F capacitive touch screen, P + G capacitive touch screen, such as the price is not the same as the touch screen quality is different also, the user can according to their own needs to choose different style of capacitive touch screen. 2. According to the specific needs of choose and buy of all-in-one PC peripherals control in the peripherals is an important part of the touch all-in-one, purchaser at the time of purchase must first determine the touch all-in-one PC USES choose which kind of peripherals, then according to demand and prices with peripheral brand models. Your is not necessarily good, want to choose the right is good! 3. Touch the all-in-one software function can not be ignored set itself the function of the computer and the monitor, and use touch instead of the mouse and keyboard, basically can achieve the function of the computer, touch all-in-one PC can do. Because of different environment, the need to touch all-in-one function is also different, thus has the teaching all-in-one touching all-in-one, conference, query all-in-one touching all-in-one, advertising and other nickname, touching all-in-one PC with a variety of software, can realize more features, can be used in the education teaching, meeting, training, information query and so on a variety of scenarios. When the choose and buy the touch screen machine, it is recommended that the details about the function of touch all-in-one PC, or go to the manufacturer's website, know about the product. That is about how to choose good a main content of the industrial control machine, in fact, the main part of industrial control machine or touch screen, users generally is operated by touch. And crown teck technology co. , LTD. , focusing on the touch screen development + sales, mainly used in industrial control machine, large size machine, mobile phones and GPS and intelligent household capacitive touch screen, can be customized according to customer's specific requirements.
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