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Capacitive touch screen fingerprint recognition technology

by:Toponetech     2020-07-27
Capacitive fingerprint identification technology is what? Capacitive fingerprint module is to use the fingerprint sensor with conductive subcutaneous electrolyte to form an electric field, the fingerprint of the ups and downs will lead to the change of different pressure difference between the two, which can realize accurate fingerprint determination. Adaptability is strong, the way of using the environment without special requirements, at the same time, silicon wafer and relevant original sensing of space occupancy within an acceptable range of mobile phone design, making the technology got better promotion in the mobile terminal. Although the technology is very mature, but in the fired hot full screen mobile phone concept, capacitive seems to be a square peg in a round hole. Fingerprint identification integration on a mobile phone in the form of outside is this: the rear and front, and side. Positive fingerprint identification is a relatively popular scheme. From the look and feel, positive position more in line with the interaction of traditional aesthetic, and on the operation more intuitive, users don't have to pick up the phone can be unlocked by fingerprint identification. In the pursuit of perfection screen accounted for the present, positive identification in a very awkward position. In addition to the capacitive fingerprint identification, and optical fingerprint recognition and ultrasonic type fingerprint identification. Capacitive have overwhelming cost advantage, and optics and ultrasonic fingerprint identification technology mature, can't make in full screen. But in the future, smart phones and other consumer electronics pursues perfection technology and beautiful age, more superior technology can bring us more surprise. Crown teck specializing in the production of touch screen!
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