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Capacitive touch screen development resistance type for the mainstream

by:Toponetech     2020-10-27

According to the different methods of induction, which can be roughly divided into resistive, capacitive touch screen, infrared type, ultrasonic type four classes. Resistive and capacitive current market prospects, this technology in the short term because it is difficult to catch up with the other. Has technology principle, resistive touch screen counts as a 'touch' technology. It USES two layer coated ITO conductive function ( Indium tin oxide) PET plastic film, PET itself has a certain transparency and durability, two pieces of ITO particles with fulcrum, make the screen in has not been pressed on time there is a certain gap between the two layers of ITO, is in a state of not conductive. When the operator to the tip of the finger or pen pressure screen ( The outer PET film) , the pressure will make the PET film concave, due to the deformation and make contact with conductive ITO conductive layer, and then by detecting the X axis and Y axis voltage change figure out corresponding pressure point, to complete the entire screen touched the processing mechanism. Due to this kind of low-cost technology, has been widely used in electronic products. At present there are 4 resistive touch screen line, five lines, six lines and a variety of types such as line

 8, line number, the more representative for detecting precision is higher, but the cost will also be increased relatively. Careful consideration, however, the principle of resistive touch technology, through touch the screen to trigger the ITO thin film conductive detection mechanism, has its limitations on physical: resistive technology to increase the detection area and resolution, direct approach is to increase the line number, but the number of lines to improve also represents the increase of the amount of information processing operation, the processor will be a big burden, at the same time the cost of ascension is also a problem. In addition, the reinforcement amount of PET film material of pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to deformation ability, after all, has its limits, use for a long time will reduce the conductive indium tin oxide layer contact conduction efficiency, touch will be frequently used by the dot is that several, cause excessive wear in a particular area, and reduce the transparency. Compared with resistive, capacitive touch screen structure is relatively simple. 

Due to the projected capacitance of capacitive touch screen ( Capacitive touch screen consists of projected capacitance and surface capacitance type two kinds) Can support the current popular multi-touch function, and has higher screen light transmittance, lower overall power consumption, longer service life and other advantages, are constantly challenge the market position of resistive touch screens.
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