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Capacitive touch screen capacitive stylus magic

by:Toponetech     2020-06-05
Touch screen electronic products more and more, summer to sweat, hands are frozen in winter, always a problem texting phone to play games. . When it comes to capacitive touch pen, have to talk about the principle of capacitive touch. Capacitive touch is divided into surface capacitive touch, projected capacitive touch screen. The current iPhone such smart phone is using projective capacitive panel, and can the finger touch screen. Capacitive touch principle is that when a finger or other conductive material touch panel, the panel will detect the surface of the capacitance change and produce electronic signals, and judge touch location. So you can use your fingers or other conductive materials to control; The conventional plastic resistive touch pen can't conductive material cannot to control. Also have friends homemade stylus, placed in front of the general pen a conductive cotton, can control the iPhone. We crown teck group engineer is to do the research on stylus, they say: capacitive stylus currently on the market, the main use of conductive material with conductive cotton, rubber, Coating conductive paint) , conductive fiber, the principle is adopted in surface conductive material. Principle is simple, but in fact, technological requirements if it's not up to standard, it is easy to appear broken pen, not sensitive phenomenon. On the market many of the capacitor is, in fact, there is no standard, it is better to use fingers.
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