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Capacitive touch screen and its materials

by:Toponetech     2021-10-28
Capacitive touch screens can be divided into two categories: surface type and projection type. The former is also called the analog capacity combination method, which forms a uniform electric field on the surface of the panel, and detects a weak current value that is inversely proportional to the distance from the four corners to the touch position. The conductive material is a transparent ITO film coated with antimony to form an AT0 conductive film with a resistance of 0.5? 2kfl. The surface of this conductive layer is covered with Yi 02 film. In order to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI), the conductive layer inside generally uses an ITO film of about 100 (1). In terms of reflectivity, it is higher than the resistance of the air layer in the middle. The performance of the touch screen is better, but the transmittance is not as good as that of the optical ultrasonic touch screen. The projection type is also called the projected capacitive combined type, which is a new type of capacitive touch screen. There are two types: grid (Grid) and metal sensor (Wire Sensor). At present, the main concern is the grid type touch screen, which is mainly represented by iPhone and PRADA-phone. Both of them etch two conductive films through insulators. The conductive film is 100% ITO film. The electric field is formed on the surface of the sensor. Similarly, it is projected to the outside through glass, plastic and other non-conductive objects. Not only can touch the surface of the sensor, but also the glass panel. Thick glass may cause parallax, but it can be solved by optical design. Generally speaking, projection type touch screen refers to It is a grid type touch screen. Because it has the characteristics of multi-recording, it has become the main projection type touch screen. The characteristics of multi-input are: use your fingers to convert the screen; expand the thumb and index finger to expand the map; rotate the thumb and index finger in the clockwise direction To change the direction of the screen, use gestures to operate. Because the above operations can be directly input on the protective glass on the surface of the phone, the product design is very simple. The design is different depending on the manufacturer of the sensor. At present, 4in is a comparison. The size is larger. The price is higher than that of the resistive type. In addition, it can also record people in text. Compared with the surface type, it is easier to solve the problem of electromagnetic interference. But because the two etching surfaces overlap , Requires higher transmittance. Due to the requirement of high sensitivity, it is necessary to use an ITO film with a lower surface resistance than resistive touch screens. It has the characteristics of high transmittance, low resistance, and balanced performance. On the other hand, projection Type is also called wire (wire) plastic. It detects vertical and horizontal signals through a complex wire with a diameter of 〇pi between glass and glass or between film and film. It can also detect signals from 20mm glass, so it can be used as a large The recording machine is affixed to the small glass 11, which is practical as an electronic sign. Table 54 shows the conductivity characteristics of the electro-muscular touch screen and the capacitive touch screen.
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