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Capacitive touch screen also points such as '369'

by:Toponetech     2020-10-30
Up to the version the old man is young MAO, people have begun to use equipped with touch-screen electronic devices, and enjoy a more intuitive and convenient mode of operation, but at the same time also with another phenomenon: even if the hardware configuration has reached the requirements of the application system that can run smoothly, but users don't have any smooth feeling, just like some shanzhai manufacturers prices very attractive android phones, although sometimes a high configuration but not on the fluency and hardware proportional - — Of caton make touch screen board. Touch screen is a necessary link in human-computer interaction, so its sensitivity and response speed is particularly important, by the broad masses of manufacturers to purchase and use of capacitive touch screen is a mature application solutions at present stage, the appearance looks like the same internal 'transparent' panel are useful, the stand or fall of touch screen led directly to the fluid in the process of human-computer interaction or not. The structure of the structure of the capacitive touch screen capacitive touch screen is like a sandwich on the plate, 'plate' close to the electrical components in electronic equipment, it had the effect of shielding electric signal, in order to avoid to touch the disturbance; Contact with the 'plate', as well as the 'bread' layer of non-conductive ( The dielectric) The glass material, they are more protection; Between two 'bread layer' between 'paste' is the key of seasoning, it is responsible for the human body electric field and detect touch point, an electronic device can bring to the user's smooth feeling, it depends on the 'ingredients' flavor.
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