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Capacitive touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-06-07
Before crown teck we wrote a touch screen classification, including resistive touch screens, capacitive touch screen, infrared touch screen and sound waves. Today we are going to learn the structure of the capacitive touch screen. Capacitive touch screen is on the glass surface with a layer of transparent conductive material special metal. When the fingers on the metal layer, contact capacitance will change, that is connected with the oscillator frequency is changed, by measuring the frequency changes can determine the touch location to obtain information. Capacitive touch screen with common difference, resistive touch screens is popular for capacitive touch screen support multi-touch way of human-computer interaction, ordinary resistive touch screen only a single point of touch. Crown do touch product of photoelectric technology is the capacitive touch screen, multi-touch, a touch namely, we focus on touch products for many years, business needs, please contact us.
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