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Capacitive touch has become the mainstream of modern electronic products to the size of the configuration

by:Toponetech     2020-10-30

As is known to all, in touch operation in this area, apple has always been ahead. On January 9, 2007, apple iPhone smartphone officially released, it is this a cell phone, completely changed the pattern of the mobile terminal equipment, the outbreak of touchscreen devices. Time magazine rated the iPhone as 2007 of the invention, and called it 'a new cell phone always change the mobile phone industry. Is this a cell phone, pull open the touch screen universal curtain mobile communication field. Why apple so far have not launch a equipped with a touch screen laptop? 

 This is because, as early as a few years ago, apple has for its MacBook is equipped with a useful touchpad, touchpad is indeed the next generation of input devices, it has many advantages, has excellent control ability. There are many users believe that such large touchpad to use than actually is more user-friendly touch screen. Touchscreen comparative advantage more trackpad touch screen and touch panel is not the same category of equipment. Even though they have the same touch gestures. However, when using the touchpad, users more is similar to the habit of using a mouse, you just need to eyes staring at the screen. So if the user in the use of touch panel operation, touch mode is similar to the mouse control way of indirect control. In fact, over the years the development of the operating system is also around the indirect control manner. 

 Even doing system has Metro interface, is only convenient for the user at the entrance of program directly operated by hand touch, more cases in the secondary pages into an application, or a touchpad pointer manipulation more convenient. Only in the iOS this in native system designed for direct manipulation interface, users can extensive experience to the touch screen is convenient. That is the case, the apple iPhone and it is popular is because the iOS with touch screen, let the user experience a wonderful design to the direct operation of the operating system to bring surprise, also let users than mouse easier and complete the application. Browse the map, zoom in on the image, such as experience has improved, better for touch screen game experience too. 

 However, whether this benefit can translation directly to the laptop or super this, it now seems not optimistic. In super use finger directly under this touch screen control, system will misunderstand the user input gestures, such as when you want to move up and down by two fingers to drag the page to move up and down, handheld touchscreen devices of other hand finger accidentally on the screen, the device will think you are in with three fingers to other functions. Although some simple and easy operation and less cognitive space for many PC blind can easily use the touch screen devices. The touchpad can realize all the mouse operation, the touchpad implementation is precise operation. Touchpad is indirect control peripheral devices, users in the use of touch panel operation, do not need to see the location of the finger on the touchpad, as long as see the pointer to the location on the screen. All of which is based on the relative motion of the pointer, destination and fingers. The touch screen and the distinction that having essence.
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