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Capacitance screen failure analysis

by:Toponetech     2020-07-28
Capacitance screen is one of the display screen type, in use process will appear some fault, today let's talk about the capacitance screen fault analysis and processing method. Before you begin, we first understand the working principle of the capacitive touch. Capacitive touch screen working principle in capacitance screen drift before failure, first introduce how capacitance screen work. Capacitive screens is to use the working current of induction of human body. Capacitive touch screen is a four layer composite glass screen, the inner surface of the glass and laminated coated with a layer of ITO ( Transparent conductive film) , outer layer is a thin layer of silica glass coating, laminated ITO coating as the working face, four corners raises four electrodes, inner ITO for shield to ensure good working environment. When the fingers on the metal layer, the electric field due to the human body, the user and the touch screen surface formed by a coupling capacitance, for high frequency current, capacitance is directly conductor, so the fingers from the point of contact suck a small current. The current points out from the touch screen on the four corners of the electrode, the four electrodes and the current is proportional to the finger to the four corners, the controller based on the four current ratio of precise calculation, it is concluded that the location of the touch point. It is because of the working principle of capacitance screen, led to the existence of 'drift' phenomenon. After understanding the working principle of capacitance screen, it is easy to know the cause of capacitance screen 'drift'. Capacitance screen of the so-called 'drift', mainly refers to the following situation: one, no action to touch operation, which has a finger touch touch screens, but the touch screen did not respond; Second, the misoperation to touch operation, namely the touch point A, but respond to touch to point B; Three, but no touch to make false action, that is, body or conductive objects such as close to the screen, not to touch, to touch the reaction.
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