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Capacitance can screen multi-touch

by:Toponetech     2020-06-10
Just contact soon touch-screen display, often hear 'multi-touch' 'touch' ten o 'clock. What is that point touch screen? How multi-touch. Capacitive touch screen can be multi-touch? Capacitive touch points since the capacitance and mutual capacitance, and commonly used is the mutual capacitance, can realize multi-touch, since the capacity generally realize single point or local at two o 'clock. Capacitive touch can undertake multi-touch, capacitance is the basis of multi-touch screen. The number of multi-touch general nominal 3 points. 5. Ten o 'clock. Mainly related to the size of the touch screen, and can achieve multi-touch technology has a lot of, can not only capacitive touch. Resistive screen can also, infrared screen, ultrasonic screen can also. Capacitive touch screen structure of capacitive touch screen structure is mainly on the glass screen coated with a layer of thin film transparent conductor layer, and then in the conductor layer and a protective glass, double glass design can completely protect the conductor layer and the sensor. Capacitive touch screen on the touch screen edges are plated narrow electrodes, forming a low voltage ac electric field in conductive body. When touching the screen, the electric field due to the human body, fingers and can form a coupling capacitance between conductor layer, electrode current will flow to the contact from the four edges of bag, and current intensity is proportional to the finger to the electrode distance, the touch screen behind the controller can calculate the current ratio and strength, accurately calculate the position of the touch point. The double glass not only can protect the conductor and capacitive touch screen sensors, more effectively prevent external environmental factors affect the touch screen, even if the screen is stained with filth, dust, or oily be soiled, capacitive touch screen is still can accurately calculate the touch location. Capacitive touch screen is on the glass surface with a layer of transparent conductive material special metal. When the fingers on the metal layer, contact capacitance will change, that is connected with the oscillator frequency is changed, by measuring the frequency changes can determine the touch location to obtain information.
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