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Can you use touch screen mobile phone charging

by:Toponetech     2020-05-18
Our touch screen mobile phone in charge, can you use? Opinions vary, let's see. Netizens opinion views over the use of mobile phone charging 1: grab a laptop or mobile phone charging circuit to see to know, of course, will believe that person is certainly look not to understand. View 2: writing on the manual of nokia N9: you can use a mobile phone in charge. 3: I was old-fashioned low resistive screen. Isn't it a little better than capacitive screen? View 4: users send mobile phones without pressure, several hundred yuan machines think 5 why with so tired, I feel it's not that serious. Charging time to recharge the battery, and operation of electricity directly from the power supply, are you sure you said is true? View 6: side impact. The side with. Build in March last year. Said it was very good. 。 View 7: charger charging current is too high, you can change a charger, I now have nokia charger, don't drift view 8: hear high output current of the charger will produce this kind of situation, this is the common fault of the capacitive touch screen mobile phone used in charge will happen? Chemical storage and discharge within the cell, the inertia increases, the battery will be more and more durable. When using CPU can produce high temperature, energy conversion and the charge will produce high temperature, the stack temperature will be higher. The CPU cannot withstand high temperature and burning. Capacitive touch screen itself can drift because of the unbalanced charged or malfunction and damage to the hardware. 'Capacitive touch screen itself can drift because of the unbalanced charged or malfunction and damage to the hardware. 'With what electric imbalance? Human body static electricity in the winter of 10000 v, you worry about the static break it in your hand is on! As for the recharge playing mobile phone found drift, shaking screen - — To change the better charger, don't use fake! It was caused by a lack of charger filtering, the power supply ripple is too big. The occasional failure of capacitive screen is very normal.
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