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Can't touch in the future, the future you don't want to touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-07-16
The success of the iPhone hasn't meet 'Steve', what's more, Steve jobs at this time already know yourself later. He decided before you leave this world, and then dropped a bombshell, let the whole world again. When Mr Jobs returned to apple after the thing, is to cut down the usury 'Newton' series. 'Newton' project, however, the idea to change the way people use computers, at the beginning of the idea has been inherited down jobs. And this among them, touch no doubt play a key role. Actually, with jobs held similar ideas, one of which is against the aura of the world's richest man, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates. Microsoft once in Winter, has tried for the Smart Display, Tablet PC, and other products or concepts. These products is important selling point with touch screen, but never like apple later huge market success. In the end, Microsoft is too want to copy it on PC operating system to other areas, while ignoring what operating mode is more suitable for tablets. Anyway, jobs with the redefining the concept of tablets, opened a tens of billions of dollars in big market, and make the originally on the edge of the touch screen technology into public life, let originally only appears in the science fiction film scene, became a part of our real life. Look to the future, as the technology upgrading, touch screen will become lighter, even with the computer system. What's more, some experts predict that the future touch screen is not only an external device, and could become a part of our body. By then, touch screen will completely change people's work and life, and even to understand and know the ways of the world. Unheard of touch screen which fills the world 'modern' 70 inch large multi-touch table in October 2010 South Korea the exhibition held in international exhibition, 'modern' IT shows a 70 - inch large multi-touch television ( Table) 。 Large touch table is no longer a new concept, whether Microsoft, mitsubishi, abroad or domestic skyworth shows the actual product, but the difference is that IT shows the 'modern' touch the table besides can across, can also be erected, transformed into a touch screen TV. Car body is touch screen on November 28, 2012, 2012 Los Angeles auto show in the media Open Day, a body in touch both Toyota Fun - Vii concept car to attract attention.
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