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Can LED large screens be assembled?

by:Toponetech     2021-06-24
LED large screen assembly is a complex and tedious process. Each link requires engineering and technical personnel to have excellent professional skills to be able to make LED large screen products precise and detailed. People in the industry know that large LED screens are spliced u200bu200btogether by many modules, and the modules are assembled by many lamp beads. Can the large LED screen be assembled by myself? In the process of assembling large LED screens, the assembly steps are one after another, and you must be careful about the loops, otherwise the effect of the large LED screen will be affected. In order to meet the requirements of LED large-screen large-area, high-brightness, dynamic display and other applications, as well as the driving matching requirements of the driver that matches the LED. The following mainly introduces four LED large screen connection forms: 1. LED large screen whole screen series assembly method: generally simple series connection mode, LED1-n, end to end, the current flowing through the touch display screen is equal. The other is an improved method of 1.1 for the series connection with bypass. 2. Parallel assembly method for the entire LED screen: one is a simple parallel connection, and the other is a parallel connection with independent matching. In the simple parallel mode, LED1-n are connected in parallel end to end, and each LED bears the same voltage during operation. This kind of reliability is not high, but it is also striving to adopt an independent matching parallel form for this problem. It has the characteristics of good driving effect, complete protection of a single LED large screen, and does not affect other work in the event of a failure, and can be matched with large differences. 3. LED large screen cross array assembly method: The cross array shape is mainly proposed to improve the reliability of the LED large screen and reduce the failure rate. 4. Hybrid assembly method of LED large screen: the advantages of parallel and series mentioned in the appeal are combined. There are also two kinds of them. One is the series-first parallel and then the parallel, and the other is the first parallel and then the serial hybrid. The above four LED large screen assembly and connection methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. According to different applications, the most suitable LED large screen connection method can be selected. Many engineers and technicians often ignore this point, which leads to various connection failures on the large LED screen, which ultimately affects product quality and reduces user trust. It can be seen that in the assembly of large LED screens, the details determine success or failure!
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