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Can a normal touch display be replaced with a highlight touch display?

Can a normal touch display be replaced with a highlight touch display?


Ordinary touch displays and high-brightness touch displays are very common in both commercial and industrial applications. To understand whether they can replace each other, you must first figure out the difference between them, so that you can quickly determine what type of touch monitor you need.

A high-brightness touch display is a display with high brightness and contrast, which can provide better viewing vision in strong ambient light, while ordinary touch displays are generally not easy to see images in sunlight.

1000nits  high-brightness touch displays

The brightness of conventional touch monitors is around 300cd, and they are generally used in indoor environments, such as casino equipment, educational equipment, medical equipment, etc. The highlight touch display can be used in outdoor environment, intelligent bus station inquiry system, outdoor LCD advertising machine, car charging pile, highway toll station display, intelligent parking lot display, aerospace display, military industry, ship, medical display that  need highlight screen, the brightness is 1000cd--2500cd, and the image that can be clearly seen in the sun is generally 1500cd--2000cd. In order to improve the brightness of the LCD screen, the structure and illuminance of the LCD screen must be changed. The screen is thicker than the general screen body, the cost is relatively high, and the relative price will be expensive.


Generally speaking, the display brightness above 500cd/m2 is called high brightness liquid crystal display. The brightness of a TFT liquid crystal display is the product of the brightness of the backlight and the transmittance of the display. It is a common practice to increase the brightness of a TFT LCD by increasing the brightness of the backlight. The design to fundamentally improve the brightness is to improve the light transmittance of the TFT liquid crystal display. Specifically, the light transmittance of the display screen can be improved in terms of pixel aperture ratio, liquid crystal light transmittance efficiency, polarizer light transmittance, and CF light transmittance.


You can make judgments according to the use environment of your own equipment. If you are not sure what kind of touch display you need to use, you can consult us, and we will customize the touch display for you.

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