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buy american at iwf 2004.

by:Toponetech     2020-04-11
The following is a preview of various types of machinery and accessories provided by members of the US Wood machinery manufacturer.
For a member product catalog, see page 13 of this guide or visit the website of WMMA on www. wmma. org.
DISA system: the introduction of the DISA system of the vacuum cleaner booth 4735 includes 1-hp, 2-hp, 5hp, and 7. 5-
HP motors in the range of 500 to 4, 500cfm.
The design of the collector combines the advantages of standard NFP collectors and the tranquility of Combifabfan at an affordable price, DISA said. (336)821-0822, www. disafilter. com [
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Keith: Material handling booth 6661 Keith says its walking floor material handling system provides an easy way to move the sawdust, debris, finger seam blocks, mid-fiber boards, OSB
These systems are low maintenance costs, safe and easy to operate, and improve plant efficiency by automating the feeding process, Keith said. (800)541-6161. www.
Keithwalking floor. com [
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American concept: staircase excavator booth 6483 American concept heavy automatic CSR-
700 the stair opener is used for the construction of the box staircase and there is no installation time.
Using the atouch screen, enter the up, running and the number of steps, then the input board, the machine takes over. The two high-
The high-speed router motor handles the left and right longitudinal beams at the same time. (630)268-9117, www. usconceptsinc. com [
Slightly] IllustrationsC. R. Onsrud: 5-
Shaft router booth 8106 CR.
The new five of Onsrud-
Shaft CNC router with casting functionironframe, 36-in.
Z trip and double table at 145-in. x 61-in. workenvelope.
Standard equipment includes: 16-
Hp HSK 63 F dgdgespindle, 12-
Replace tools, KollMorgen servo system and StarLinear screws.
Therouter is available in fixed bridge or mobile gantry configuration. (704)528-4528, www. cronsrud. com [
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Midwest Group: Widebelt Sander Booth made by Midwest Sandright 8862
Original RandBright)
The 75-series broadband Wood Sanders is designed and manufactured for industrial users to economically polish a wide range of wood components.
The heavy duty frame allows fast and accurate setting and precise polishing time, the company said. (612)721-5347, www. Midwestgroup one. com [
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Related machinery: floor truck booth 8510 related machinery says its floor truck is made of hardwood floor structure with space
Times wheel-
Wheels and balls-
Bearing swivel casters for strength, durability and operation.
The Phenolic wheel provides protection for wood, concrete or tile floors. (828)632-8449,www.
Related machinery. com [
Slightly] IllustrationsAmerican-
ShopBot Tools: Booth 8649 ShopBot Tools, CNC router
Introduce the ShopBot PRTalpha that it claims to be the fastest CNC router below $50,000.
PRTalpha is technically advanced and closed
The loop Motor, said Shopbot, combines the best functions of the servo and the stepping motor with a cutting speed of 600 ipcommand and a fast transportation speed of 1,800 ipm. (888)680-4466,www. shopbottools. com [
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Edgetech: table saw Booth 8152 Edgetech\'s table saw cuts the table to the right size and is used to connect.
The Mitter and routing functions are combined to enable an operator to produce Square and Mitter joints.
The Saw has two sizes to choose from, including dual laser alignment and variable Mitter with digital reading, which can be used at 0-470. (952)881-1925, www. edgetechusa. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Vecoplan: Retech grinder booth 5453 Retech RG50 U from Vecoplan by 40-
Horsepower Motor and 6-10-inch ha SAin. x 48-in.
Feeding hopper opening and throughput functions from 400 to 3,500 include: low speed/high torque design, high output twist point cutting rotor, built-in-
Metal protection in the tramp, 4-
A precision hydraulic processing ram. (336)861-6070,www. vecoplanllc. com [
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American wood dryer: ThermoVent Booth 6672 the ThermoVent system of the American wood dryer uses wet exhaust heat to heat the incoming air.
At 100% output, ThermoVent can be recaptured from 400,000 to more than 800,000 BTUs per hour.
Depending on the schedule/temperature used, a single unit can provide ventilation/heat recovery requirements of up to 50,000 board feet. (503)655-1955,www. drykilns. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Alexander Doz: Alexander Doz offers a complete line, located at 9262 Alexander Doz.
Whether it\'s making 10 or 10,000 drawers a day, a machine is required to handle all of the tuxedo needs.
Dowz said the machine and assembly equipment for its Yanwei drawer.
Help enterprises meet production needs and increase profits. (616)784-6000, www. dodds.
Com Wisconsin knife factory: Booth 5916 cutting tools of Wisconsin knife factory IWF will show the series of top cutting tools including knife head, router drill bit and cutter.
WKW has been providing woodworking tooling for customers for more than 75 years.
WKW said its slogan \"engineers in the woodworking industry\" came from many of the company\'s innovations and the technical support it provided. (608)363-7888, www. wkwin. com [
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Air handling system: dust and smoke collection catalogue the dust and smoke collection catalogue for Booth6002 air handling system contains thousands of industrial grade fittings, spiral tubes and hoses that are adaptable and easy to install.
Standard components are available in stock and can be shipped at any time. (203)389-9895, www. airhand. com [
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Precision Technology: ProScale Booth 8040 precision technology representation its ProScale digital measurement system is perfect for die presses, curlers, planters, wide belt Sanders or any positioning tools or needs to be carried out
The reading is displayed in inches or millimeters with an accuracy of up to 0. 002 in.
ProScales are not affected by sawdust and wood chips and can run on the battery. (828)654-7920, www. proscale. com [
Slightly] IllustrationsAccu-
Router: Booth 8206 of conveyor system for Accu IWF-
The router will demonstrate its advanced automatic transmission system with high speed and high production throughput. Accu-
Customized by Routermanufactures, high quality
Performance CNC routers and conveyor belt systems for a wide range of industries, including: hardwood furniture, upholstered furniture, molded, boating, aerospace, automotive, etc. (931)668-7127, www. accu-router. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Beaver tools says its lightweight Storm 1-8952 lb air router stand weighs only 2 lbs.
Hp air router can reduce user fatigue and improve work efficiency.
According to Beaver, the tool has fewer worn parts than the electric router, will not overheat, and will not have a brush or switch sticking out, thus reducing downtime and tool repair and replacement costs. (800)365-6677, www. beavertools. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Newman machine: Surface planing machine booth 8453 Newman\'s short stock series double roughing planing machine is designed to surface rough wood in short and long lengths.
The planing machine can be nearly 1-foot shorter than the roughing planing machine that is clearly available in such products. The EPR-
SS planers 18 is being provided-in. , 24 in. and 30-in.
Wide model with PLC setworks and cylinder roller positioning. (336)273-8261, www. newmanwhitney. com [
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RazorGage: Booth 10036 technical service for optimized system/RazorGage, RazorOptimal high performance, the best solution for small store with optional modulesthat insert empty ball and knife faceframe parts.
The operator uses the joystick to defect and grade the parts while RazorGage feeds.
Position feedback of linear encoder ensures [+ or -]0. 004-in. accuracy. (515)232-3188, www. razorgage. com [
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Titus Tool: Fastening System Booth 1607 Titus Tool indicates that its Quickfit extension technology is easy to operate and provides Tool-free insertion and 1-turn locking. (253)872-2829, www. titusint. com [
Slightly] IllustrationsSafranek: Her-
Safranek IWF\'s Saf panel router booth 5964 will show her-Saf Two-
Automatic panel router with full pneumatic control in both vertical and horizontal directions.
The machine features quick setup and easy adjustment, suitable for V-from details-
Groove for the labeiting back panel. (805)466-1563, www. hersaf. com [
Slightly] IllustrationsAmerican-
Customized products Henderick: CNC router booth 6279 Henderick says a new, heavy structural design and improved CNCsoftware gives 20ZXG engraving rate up to 2,500 ipm andpositioning accuracy [1 [+ or -]0. 002 in.
With duplicate accuracy+ or -]0. 0008 in.
The mobile gantry is designed to use AC servo drives, linear methods and ball screws on all shafts. Up to 15-
Hp high frequency router spindle with automatic tool replacement function can be provided. (978)741-3600, www. hendrickmfg. net [
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Carter products: inspection lighting booth 5500 Carter products inspection lighting with two, four and six bulb models to low
Angle lighting exposes defects that are not easily visible to the naked eye.
Carter said the lights speed up inspection time, improve quality, and are ideal for broadband Sanders, sanding stations, and any other place where defects are critical. (616)647-3380, www. carterproducts. com [
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3 M: 2837 3 M grinding and adhesive booth provides a full range of grinding, adhesive tape, adhesive and safety products for woodworking.
The innovative product range of 3 m includes cocotchbrite radial bristles, a safe and convenient sand-hard wayto-
Places to arrive, and 3 m jets
Weld the hot-solid adhesive to meet the demand for nails and other fasteners during assembly. (651)733-7235, www. 3m. com [
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DeHart: Profile Tooling Booth 6052 DeHart Tooling now provides stile and rail profile tooling for CNCrouters installed on the integrated HSK 63 F stand.
Using an expanded hydraulic support, these tools provide the best cutting conditions for high-speed machining of key male profiles, DeHart said.
The insert knife has a grade of hard alloy or alloy that can be used with cork, solid wood or medium fiber board. (828)322-1734, www. dehartusa. com [
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Presto elevator: Booth 9563 pneumatic grader of Presto Elevator Company
Allows operators to build or break down pallet loads with minimal bending, stretching or walking.
They automatically adjust the height of the add or remove the palletsas box.
Height adjustment is implemented by aheavy-
Duty reinforced robber airbags combined with permanent springs. (800)343-9322, www. prestolifts. com [
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CP adhesive: the cornerstone of the industrial adhesive booth 4300 CP adhesive custom industrial adhesive series, MPA is more than one
Adhesive for various general purpose woodworking applications.
MPA and other custom bond series are sold nationwide through quality industrial distributors. (973)473-1810, www. custompak. com [
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Fletcher machine: Booth 8726 FM-edge machine-
44 is the latest edge Machine for Fletcher machine, based on the company\'s successful FM-35 model. The FM-
44 choice of heavy duty prefabrication base, precision feed chain, tenonertypehold-
Hold down or roller-
And a variety of stations available.
Options include: grading, shaping, wheel or belt grinding and edge polishing. (336)249-6101, www. fletcher-machine. com [
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DMC machine: Miter Saw Booth 5958 CTD machine model DMC 70 Mitre Max fixed 45 [degrees]
The double oblique cut saw uses an advanced linear track guide system to cut the molding of up to 8 in. wide by 4 in. high.
DMC 70 Mitre Max has both hands-
Operating and pneumatic versions including: 13-in.
Blade capacity, 2 1. 5-
Hpmotors, dual magnetic starter and manual horizontal fixture. (213)689-4455, www. ctdsaw. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Mastercam: new automatic tool for ATP software booth 4413 Mastercam (ATP)add-
By allowing the user to link the cutting policy to a specific level or layer that contains the geometry, on the automatic repeat programming task.
Once selected, ATP will automatically scan each layer or level and program it using the toolpath type selected by the user. (860)875-5006,www. mastercam. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Safe speed cutting: Widebelt Sanders: Booth 5952 safe speed cutting adds two widebelt sanders to its lineup.
Model 3760 use 37-in. by 60-in.
Belt, dust-
Free photoelectric eye tracking system and variable speed conveyor belt. Model 4375(pictured)uses a 43-in. by 75-in.
Belt, designed for production environment.
It comes with a complete
Adjustable table plate and variable speed conveyor belt. (800)772-2327, www. safetyspeedcut.
Com Nordson: edge sealing nozzle Booth 8362 the EB60V of Nordson remotely adjusts the edge sealing slot nozzle to enable the user to control the coating width from the farthest 30. 5 meters (100 ft)
With [accuracy]+ or -]0. 018mm ([+ or -]0. 0007 in. ).
The response button of the Aservodriven electric motor adjusts the working width to 60mm (2. 4 in. )
Almost instantly. (800)683-2314, www. nordson. com [
Slightly] IllustrationsJDS: Multi-
Router booth 8436 JDSsays the Multi-
The router is a high quality tool for precision manufacturing, which can significantly reduce the time and effort of the spyton carpentry.
The versatility of the machine also makes it ideal for custom furniture manufacturers and cable manufacturers. (803)647-0103,www. thejdscompany. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
TigerStop: 8162 TigerStop is a linear positioning device that is connected to an existing device for automatic positioning of processed materials.
The company says work scans can be done with higher accuracy in less time and are easy to use so that any employee can produce accurate parts. (360)254-0661, www. tigerstop.
Stafast products: fastening equipment booth 2729 Stafast products said that the key to providing competitive products in the global market is the manufacturer\'s ability to produce products in an effective way.
Stafast designs and manufactures equipment that automate standard and custom fasteners, enabling the company to maximize its competitive power. (800)782-3278, www. stafast. com [
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Avers avers: The new range of vision products for the Sanders Booth 5713 timeshigh high production plant includes four machine ranges: Broadband, combined planing bed/Sanders, feed-through track and veneer polishing machine.
All devices are equipped with the new color touch of the time teacher-
The screen PC controller and the new \"T-slot\" Mount track system. (800)537-3611,www. timesavers. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Advanced Recycling Equipment: Hopper grinder booth 9840 advanced recycling equipment manufacturing more than 25 differopper-style grinders.
CG400 is the most popular Hopper grinder that handles blocks, end cutting, pallet and pallet scrap, docking ends, large pieces of scrap, bark, etc.
The Hopper grinder series is from 2 feet wide to 10 feet wide, reducing green or dry materials to a consistent product. (814)834-4470, www.
Advanced repeat gequip. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Taylor machinery company: Booth 8963, French Yanwei machinery company
The French tuxedo slot machine automatically arranges the tuxedo slot to each drawer side, cuts a groove to receive the bottom of the drawer, and selects the drill hole for the drawer side.
The machine can also choose to process the curved front of the drawer.
Typical production speeds are 10 to 12 pieces per minute, says Taylor. (574)267-3530, www. tylermachinery. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Gladu: the Hogger Tool Booth 6273 Gladu says its new generation of hogger will eliminate debris and blowout at the corners.
Its staggered plug-ins with multiple diameters produce smaller chips.
This requires less cutting power and makes the chip\'s desire easier, which in turn prevents the chip from piling up at the bottom of the machine, says Gladu. (450)460-4484,www. gladu. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Voorwood: 8463 Voorwood\'s new A525 arch-shaped machine Sander profile and Sander profile, a panel wood part that is polished or contoured at a time.
Stocks from double-
Guided by the side edge provided by the feeding chain with special pads and hold
Firmly grasp the downward roller of the stock.
All important adjustments have digital readings installed, ensuring repeatable mode settings, Voorwood said. (530)365-3311, www. voorwood. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Donaldson Torit: filter booth 6272 Donaldson Torit says its Dura-
Life filter bag is the latest product on its industrial bag production line
Provides twice as much living space as normal 16-
Oz polyester felt bag.
The company says Dura-
The living filter bag provides users with lower maintenance costs, lower labor demand and less production downtime.
The Dura Life filter bag is suitable for most baghouse applications. (800)365-1331, www. donaldson. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Turbo sand: sanding tool booth 9374 turbo sand now provides a complete kit that can be used in a single
And CNC equipment.
This package also allows grinding and cutting on the same spindle at the same time.
The friction collar will allow the turbo sand to run in a single run
After the panel is formed on other equipment, the spindle Sanders. (877)348-8726, www. turbosand. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Ultra-thin saw: floor blade booth 8010 ultra-thin saw has broadened the floor blade range with a new model specially designed for Weinig double vertical tree planting machine.
The company claims that special design and manufacturing tolerances make these saw blades thinner than any other saw blade package on the market. (802)244-8101, www. superthinsaws. com [
Slightly] IllustrationsThomas Mfg.
: Thomas Mfg 9200 return to the delivery booth.
The latest addition of its return conveyor line is a new ball transfer table.
With a \"TurnBak\" in exchange for the part of edgebanders, the monthly decline.
On the return leg to avoid a collision with the part being processed on the short side.
After sliding to the ball transfer stage, the part is positioned, the air mold rises to the original path line, and the table slides the part over the edge. (620)724-6220, www.
Thomas Manufacturing Companycom [
Slightly] Illustrations
Powermatic model CBM21 21 21-5613 Booth
The spindle single row structural bit is designed for drilling in both horizontal and vertical positions.
Standard configuration is 60-in.
Adjustable capacity, including four fenders, and two adjustable fences for small and large panels.
Features include: manual adjustment of drilling head from 0 to 90 [degrees]
The spindle speed is 3,450 rpm. (800)248-0144,www. wmhtoolgroup. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Castle: Hot bander Booth 8140 the \"real\" Melt bander of the castle uses a self-feeding cauldron, a regular melt glue pill for the arock solid adhesive, the temperature management of Tizen enables the glue to reach the bonding temperature within 20 minutes.
Veneer bander works with single board, vertical grade laminate and PVC, up to 1. 5mm thick. (707)765-0982, www. castleusa. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Cyclone: Oscillation Belt edge Sander cyclone 855 type oscillation Belt edge Sander is cast-
Iron plates and tables.
The platform board assembly oscillates with the belt, thus reducing heat for a better finish and longer belt life, says Whirlwind.
Standard features include Baldormotors, stripping nozzles for improved dust collection and low pressure control. (214)330-9141, www. whirlwindsaws. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Booth am: CNC router Booth 5252 MultiCam introduces a new 3000 series CNC router designed for a wide range of woodworking applications.
Standard features that are usually associated with more expensive machines, allsteel,moving-
Gantry design allows processing of large parts while maintaining space
Save space, says MultiCam. (972)929-4070,www. multicam. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Bosch Rexroth: Booth 6419 of ball nut
Drive the ball nut to move along the rest screw to achieve high performance on screw lengths up to 6 m with a maximum speed of up to 120 m/min, the company said, FARRotating nuts are ideal for woodworking machines that require quick positioning in large work areas. (800)739-7684,www. boschrexroth-us. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Booth dust Denray: 6012 Denray Machine Inc.
The concept of the next table is being expanded by introducing dust booths.
Both models allow efficient air filtration using any sand type for light or heavy sanding.
Custom sizes are also available to provide productive air filtration for large and small manufacturing needs. (417)466-4046, www. denray. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
North American products: 5973 North American product description of poly-crystal diamond-based abrasive tool Booth (PCD)
Cutting tools provide a huge advantage when cutting or copying a variety of people
Manufacturing materials, including: Medium-fiber board, scrap board, plywood, OSB, plastic, fiberglass, Creamer or any other composite material.
The company claims that investment in diamond cutting tools may have a positive impact on profits. (812)482-2000, www. naptools. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Conquer industry: 8541 conquer industry says it has the top 23
The horizontal structure of the spindle with independent precision alignment on the drill bit (s).
The optional vertical bit on the independent shaft ensures that the tolerance changes in the drilling are eliminated.
Features include in the 32mm center and-down clamps. (800)368-2278, www. conquestind. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Thermwood engraving machine: 8826 between eccabinet systems Thermwood announced the expansion of the nowincludes eccabinet system Network Professional
Its members can build and sell designed furniture.
Design components, such as engraving and special molding, can be purchased through a program or can be manufactured by leasing complex CNC programs on Thermwood CNCroutercycle basis. (812)937-4476, www. thermwood. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Flexible material: single board panel booth 3229 flexible material says it uses the best wood veneer and cork material to provide building panels that are continuous, end-matched and cutto-size;
Exquisite sketch panels are also provided.
The size range is 5 feet wide, 12 feet long or 12 feet wide, and 5 feet long.
The company also has the ability to Polish beam panels. (812)280-7000, flexwood. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Williams & Hussey: Moder booth, Williams & Hussey Machine Co. 6583
W & H molds have been manufactured since 1955.
The company says this American
The machines manufactured are able to produce straight, round and oval molds easily and safely.
W & H has more than 125 mold cutters in stock, as well as customized \"knives \". A seven-
The annual fee can be bought on the mold. (800)258-1380, www. William snhussey. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
West Salem: horizontal shredder booth 8426 WSM says its 1600 series horizontal high torque shredder offers excellent grinding performance in an economical package.
Slow, high torque cutting movements are reported to mean less dust and lower power.
Horizontal feeding makes it easy to process triple and long side materials, with slurry screens and multiple barrels providing finished products of the same size. (800)722-3530, www. westsalem. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Booth: The filtration system for Booth 1245, fabric filter, USA, says it specializes in unique ways to solve the collection problem.
AFF says its employees will create effective filtration system designs based on cfm, dust type and usage as per customer needs-
Within the range of available space requirements. (800)367-3591,www.
Filter made in USAcom [
Slightly] Illustrations
Diehl: Swiss saw Booth 5552 developed for small and medium-sized enterprises-
Size shop, Diehl 30 and 35 Ruibo saw has improved safety, heavier feed, compact frame and micro-adjustment for straight or hollow cutting.
Options include a return conveyor with an integrated design, a power output roller, a yield optimization system, and a programmable inventory guide and production tally. (260)563-2102,www. diehlmachines. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Baker: band Resaw Booth 6334 Baker says its ABX band Resaw is a very versatile machine capable of splitting aflat from KD S4S hardwood floors to slabs
An optional tilt feed system can be used for wood products operation that want to cut their own Bevel molding, ring plate, door skin, cabinet door and furniture parts of all varieties. (573)663-7711, www. baker-online. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Carolina tools: carbide router Bit Booth 5073 K3 solid carbide compression router Bit from Carolina professional tools
Carbide with special grade, designed to provide more edgeslife in man-
Raw materials and manufacturing materials such as laminated MDFand participant board.
These drill bits are available in a variety of sizes. (828)397-2467, www. carolinatools. com [
Slightly] Illustrations
Uneda: it is reported that the ekas and 2407 rpm random track Sander line of 12,000 uneda is durable, lightweight and has the least vibration.
The company says the smallest vibration ensures a high quality finish and minimizes the operating pressure. (800)431-2494, www. sandpaper.
Jenkins Systems CNC single and shaft-less double machining into booth 6420
The end machining center has fast setup and advanced machining capability.
The company said that with operations such as CNC edge profile and shaping, rounded corners, eye-hopping, boredom, wiring and blind cutting, productivity can be precisely produced and reproduced on these feeder machines(920)452-2110, www. jenkins-systems. com [
Slightly] IllustrationsRees-
Memphis: Booth 8403 Reese-dust collection systemMemphis Inc.
Design, manufacture and install a complete dust collection system for the wood products industry.
Rees also offers a range of components such as a cyclone, a material handling Fan, an air system assembly, and a rotating air brake.
Warehouses, storage boxes and trucks
The Rees-out system helps to provide answers to difficult dust problemsMemphis says. (901)774-8830, www. reesmemphis. com [
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