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Buy a computer to choose all-in-one PC

by:Toponetech     2020-08-16
Do you have this kind of confusion, more and more electronic products, full of beautiful things in eyes on the market, instead, sometimes don't know what to choose. Want to buy a computer, for example, there are tablets, all-in-one PC, laptop, tablet, so a variety of, how should choose? All-in-one desktop computer? They have their own advantages and disadvantages, see you for what? One desktop ( Abbreviation for AIO) Is the host are integrated into the monitor. AIO compared with traditional desktop with the attachment, the advantage of small volume, less integration is higher, the price also no obvious change, strong plasticity, individuality extremely the product. AIO is tied with the traditional notebook and desktop for a new product line, in recent years gradually popular. Advantages: less attachment; Small volume, save space; More integrated. Look more fashionable shortcomings: 1, the configuration is relatively weak can only meet some requirements; 2, due to their high level of integration, poor heat dissipation; 3, DIY upgrades have limitations. Suit a crowd: suitable for fashionistas, white-collar women, SOHO gens, it is mainly used for everyday use, business office, games, entertainment. The notebook computer, notebook is the current relatively popular in the computer, notebook computer is not so popular in foreign countries, mainly due to foreign users are more like DIY desktop computers play big games. Advantages: 1, high-end configuration, but still lags behind the desktop computer, performance is strong, heat dissipation is better 3, 2 desktop mobile in relatively. Disadvantages: relative desktop expensive, big game cooling difficult problem. Suit a crowd: laptop popular in China, mainly office mobile and users of the broad masses of students. Besides the current relatively popular in the 'tablet'. Tablet has become the popular electronic products, in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai subway, from time to time to see the hand of the people; Whether you support or oppose, consumer demand for the tablet out there - — Use it to surf the Internet, watching movies, playing games, more and more people at the ebook. Tablet advantages: small, very convenient to carry, very suitable for general Internet entertainment and electronic reading, and some simple game requirements etc. 3 g + WIFI, go out just the tablet into between package, can be in the hotel, airport, cafe, surf the Internet anytime and anywhere. Advantage: the substantial and durable; Affordable; Easy DIY upgrade; Heat dissipation is better. Disadvantages: 1, take up the space is large; 2, power consumption is larger; 3, comparison is heavy; 4, lines and more complicated. Suit a crowd: suitable for the crowd is widespread, mainly used for daily use, entertainment, high-end game, DIY assembly computer performance-to-price ratio is high. Next time to buy a computer, you can need not so entangled, know how to choice now. Anyway, what do you use in the occasion, the right is good. If want to get a crown teck custom all-in-one can touch screen manufacturers.
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