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Briefly touch screen industry status quo

by:Toponetech     2020-07-28
What is touch screen? Touch screen, Touchpanel) Has become an indispensable part of our life, people are using mobile phone, tablet, ATM machines and other terminal is largely dependent on touch, as you now see in this paper, the use of mobile phone/tablet is touch screen. But do you really know about touch screen? At present, the touch screen is made of plate glass, light OCA glue, conductive silver pulp/ITO conductive film and SENSER ( Substrate) And so on. Touch screen structure schematic touch-screen market have how old? According to Display Search data, integral touchscreen market scale growth in 2014 to 16. 800 million piece, year-on-year growth was only 11%. Which smartphone shipments will reach nearly 1. 2 billion m, the size of year-on-year growth of 23%, year-on-year growth in tablet market will be rapid contraction to 14% from 59% in 2013. In 2013, according to Display Search statistics On - all the year round Cell touchscreen shipments only 4. 7 million pieces, but in the first half of 2014 large shipments rose to more than 2000, ten thousand, estimates of shipments will reach 129 million in 2018. Has the similar structure of embedded touch panel in 2012 total account for about 20% of the shipment, jumped to 29% by 2013, rising to 32% in 2014, is expected to reach 35-2016 40% Display Search forecast, embedded touch application on the permeability of the smartphone market will reach 2015-30 40%, if the basis at apple iPhone, will be more than 50% of shipments accounted, living space could compress the case touch screen. The case of the touch screen technology represented by OGS future prospects are grim. Where does that leave the touch-screen market? According to foreign media reports, the three major development trends of future touch screen to screen, flexible and transparent, therefore, compared with the traditional ITO touch screen, flexible touch screen has many advantages: ( 1) Impact resistance, stronger anti-seismic ability; ( 2) Light weight, small volume, it is more convenient to carry; ( 3) The volume to the volume ( 滚, - 卷) Printing process, such as cheaper. Soft touch screen time hero with the popularity of the flexible display products, ITO conductive glass exposed the own shortcomings. Due to the brittleness ITO, make its in the application must have a glass as a protective layer, in order to protect the inner conductor and sensors. The addition of glass coating, increase the difficulty of the process ( Must be under vacuum) And also limits the touch screen to the developing direction of flexibility. In order to solve this problem, domestic and international numerous touch panel makers have to begin to switch to alternative technologies of ITO development, including nano silver wire, metal mesh, such as carbon nanotubes and graphene materials. However, graphene is still in development, production is far distance. Carbon nanotubes industrialized production technology is not yet perfect, the thin film products made conductivity also cannot achieve the level of ordinary ITO thin film. From the technology and market, metal grids and nano silver technology will be a new touch technology of the two leading role.
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