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Benefits of using all-in-one touch machines in exhibition halls

by:Toponetech     2021-11-03
The touch screen all-in-one machine is used in the exhibition hall of the exhibition hall to 'portrait the company's image, show the company's strength, and convey the company's civilization' as the project positioning, and 'science and technology innovation, continuous development' as the base value. Integrating software, hardware, service consultation and media design, it can provide customers with a one-stop solution for Vatican Digital Media Base, helping customers to open digital media use in a shorter time and at a suitable cost. And choose high-end multimedia interactive skills and smart methods to focus on showing the company's strength and brand value, together to show the company's development status and close-up prospects; to reflect the company's brilliant development process and precipitated wishes and civilization, and strive to create a very visual impact The force, dynamic and static methods are connected, and the personalized intelligent exhibition hall that overflows the brand's inherent. The exhibition hall uses a touch screen all-in-one method, an electronic signature all-in-one machine, instead of the traditional registration method. Visitors can use a virtual pen, or a finger, to write their names directly on the touch screen and modify the signature content. Touch the all-in-one electronic book, on the touch screen e-book mold, do a hand waving action, the album page can be flipped with the hand waving. And this book is the image of a book displayed on the display of a touch all-in-one machine. It can show videos, images, sounds, etc., which greatly enriches the fun of reading. The digital exhibition hall is widely used in real estate demonstrations, planned exhibition halls, high-end shops, large supermarkets and other occasions. In the future, the digital touch all-in-one method will become an increasingly important part of daily life, and the digital exhibition hall will be widely used in various occasions.
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