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Basic knowledge of LED display cabinet collection

by:Toponetech     2021-03-15
A, the main body role: 1. 1 fixation, internal fixation module/unit board, power supply, such as display components, all components must be fixed inside the box body for connection of the whole screen, external fixation frame structure or the steel structure. 2. 1 protection: to protect the electronic components inside the interference is not affected by the external environment, to protect components, has the good protection. Second, the classification of the box body: 1, the enclosure material classification: general enclosure for the iron box, high-end can adopt aluminum alloy, stainless steel, carbon fiber, magnesium and nano macromolecule material box, etc. 2, the classification of the box body USES: the main classification associated with using the environment, from the waterproof performance is divided into simple waterproof casing, casing; From the installation location and the maintenance and display performance can be divided into front cabinet, double-sided enclosure, curved box, etc. 3, the market mainstream die-cast aluminum cabinet picture 3, the introduction of the main body 1, arc LED display cabinet introduced arc LED cabinet is designed for all kinds of curved screen special LED display cabinet. The classification of the curved box: is divided into two kind of arc, arc, outside the general arc frame are enclosure structure module and unit for arc plate for common materials, coupled with curved steel structure design and structure of various arc display.
use characteristics: 1, screen area cannot too big, generally for a box a display screen; 2, mainly adopts the hoisting method for installation; 3, both sides of the display screen can share a LED control card, control card using zoning control card, generally equal sides area, show the same content, only need the software inside the content into two equal parts. Development trend of the four, LED display cabinet in recent years, small spacing technology with its more excellent display effect and better able to merge 3 d, VR/AR, interactive to express ideas emerging technologies such as the advantages of active solid loading into outdoor LED display areas, but also open up a large number of emerging markets, such as gas station signs, electronic YueBaoLan, bus stop segments cannot use original small spacing, now can be widely used. But small spacing LED display developing rapidly in the field of outdoor solid loading, to construction display industry bring great change and ascension. Die-casting aluminum case after years of development is more and more light in weight, also more and more reasonable structure, higher precision, basic can achieve seamless splicing. Latest die-casting aluminum screen is not only a simple upgrade traditional display cabinet, were carried out from the aspects of structure, the performance optimization of comprehensive update, is made of patent compact indoor rental screen, casing stitching precision, tear open outfit, maintenance is very convenient. In addition to the die casting aluminum, there are a lot of new materials are being subjected to the industry, such as: carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, profile, nanometer polymer materials as popular LED display cabinet replacement material, they have their different advantages: carbon fiber LED display cabinet, ultra-thin design, light quality, good strength, resistance to pull one. 5 tons, the weight of every square metre is only 9. 4kg。 And adopted the modular design, maintenance more convenient, 45 degree Angle edge stitching installation which can realize the screen body 90 degrees, at the same time provide the transparent backboard, suitable for sports venues, outdoor advertising light field large installation. This is a future development trend, and obviously the iron box 'is no longer adapt to the trend, future is destined to be replaced by the new materials of better. But it is really clear to the market need a long and continuous process, so for now it still has the advantages such as low cost, short production cycle, This is what the current new materials need to break through) , not yet completely abandoned by the market. Conclusion solid loading as outdoor LED display screen is widely favored by customers, the customer's product demand has also changed, more likely to choose when choosing products can satisfy your demand more diversified and personalized products. Like LED display cabinet alternative materials research and development, although there are already so many new materials, but the industry still has a lot of people are continuing to explore other higher reliability, higher cost performance of the new housing material. Screen companies must focus on real-time and seize new opportunities - — Development of new products, to progress, and constantly open up new markets.
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