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Basic composition structure of industrial tablet have?

by:Toponetech     2020-04-07
Basic composition structure of industrial tablet have? 1, chassis: the chassis is aluminum alloy material commonly, because aluminum oxidation resistance is very good. Aluminum alloy chassis adopts the aluminum extrusion and car wash process, the one step forming, exquisite lacquer that bake, will look beautiful appearance. 2, industrial monitors, industrial monitors generally can be divided into touch and not touch. And then touch can be divided into five line resistance and capacitive touch screen. General industrial tablets are use five line resistance screen. Small resistance screen anti-interference and stable for the addition of a computer, is a good choice. 3, CPU, hereinafter referred to as the central processor, the CPU single-core, multi-core processing. Equivalent to one brain, analyze and handle problems. Industrial tablet running speed CPU played a decisive role. Industrial tablets, the CPU is integrated. 4, the graphics card: integration, independent display card. Video card is industrial tablet image running or output buffer. Early integrated graphics is the integrated display chip on the motherboard, and now the integrated graphics tend to be integrated in the CPU. 5, motherboard, motherboard is generally rectangular circuit board, the main circuit of industrial tablet was installed above system, generally have the BIOS chip, I/O control chip, keyboard and panel control switch interface, lamp plug pieces, expansion slot, and the main board and card of dc power supply connectors and other components. Are the basic building blocks of industrial structure of the tablet and skeleton. Integrated the advantage of the motherboard is the internal computer not have redundant line, general won't appear the phenomenon such as poor contact breaker. 6, memory: temporary data storage areas, software and system files often call it. Although the memory also has the function of storing data, but it is only temporary storage some data for the use of the CPU, memory therefore decided that industrial hardware speed is one of the important parts of the tablet. 7, hard disk, a carrier of the stored data. The size of the hard drive capacity and industrial tablet running speed, it mainly ACTS as data storage, such as: download the important file is saved to the hard disk in this thing. SSD hard points and mechanical hard disk, SSD is a card. Storage speed is faster, weakness is SSD damaged, the data can't recall. Mechanical hard disk inside, like a disc, when there is a loss of data or mistaken delete, can through some means to recover, but in the process of production will be a little vibration, which can cause mechanical hard disk damage. Here's why I suggest you choose SSD, if there is a particularly important, or more large files, can choose mechanical hard disk.
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