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Bank self-service query touch screen software

by:Toponetech     2020-07-09
Accumulation fund of bank self-service touch screen query system is the set of images, text, software query system for the integration of multimedia information transmission. Mainly adopts Visual Studio c + + development, the software is easy to extend, excellent stability, and support a serial port 232 control external low pressure circuit devices. The whole software running on WINDOWS platform. Front desk display module are all made of the Visual Studio c + + development, fully USES the Object Oriented programming technology, and encapsulation and inheritance way, program good compatibility, strong stability. At the same time easy to expand, the operation of the software fluent in all WINDOWS operating platform. Front desk display program will show all of the animation, video playback, images, and other functions. Front desk display module built-in processor of Internet information service, help system more stable to provide Internet information services. To avoid lead to service because the system reason of unstable. Background management part is mainly on the touch screen query add and manage software information. Very simple mode of operation, let users easily can achieve the foreground display information dynamic update.
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