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Automation pioneer in flat-panel display and touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-08-03
The global industrial transfer to China, domestic automation equipment growth potential is big. Flat display industry is output value of billions of dollars, touch screen is an important part of the flat display. 2015 rose to the third industry in our country, the industry total investment 160 billion yuan, the equipment investment to nearly 50 billion yuan in 2016. The flat display industry equipment localization rate is about 15%, with more than domestic enterprises high generation line and AMOLED line planning and put into production, 3 - in the future Five years is expected to top 30% localization rate, drive domestic 400 - market scale of automated equipments 50 billion. Leading technology company, have the ability to provide the overall solution. Company main product is display module laminating and binding equipment, used for after the period of process, which accounts for about 20% of the total investment of equipment. Companies focus on research and development, in recent years, r&d investment accounted for over 10%, the company always maintain industry leading position, is one of the few domestic overall solution ability of the enterprise. Automatic laminating equipment, in particular, this is a key equipment in the production of touch screen, the company's products in the industry have high visibility, laminating equipment accounted for 2015 of the company's total revenue in 85. 4%. Industry high-end customer resources and in high speed development period. Company paid off big customer strategy, has covered the industry high-end customer base, including the boe, xiamen tianma, bourne optics, the thin light, lai treasure tech center, etc. The company is in high-speed development period, 2013 - Revenue compound growth rate of 17 in 2015. The compound growth rate of 2%, net profit of 51. 1%. Company sign important contracts with several big customers in 2015, the rapid growth of earnings and revenues 1. 7. 4 billion yuan, up 45%; Net profit of 34. 15 million yuan, up 100% from a year earlier. New equipment in the future growth space is large. Rich technical reserves and big customer strategy, the company can timely grasp the industry demand changes, research and development of new products. For fingerprint recognition and smart wear, the boom of VR and big size LCD terminal high and growth potential, the company actively into, have developed intelligent watches laminating equipment, surface panel laminating equipment, LCD TV product 80 inches of form a complete set of equipment, etc. These devices and display device has higher correlation technology, the company is expected to occupy the first mover advantage, future growth space is large.
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