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Are the industrial touch displays on the market still mainly in the form of embedded installation?

Are the industrial touch displays on the market still mainly in the form of embedded installation?


At present, the industrial touch displays on the market are mainly based on embedded installation methods, but there are also other different types of installation methods. Industrial touch display is a display device used in industry. Unlike ordinary computer liquid crystal displays, its structure is generally made of aluminum alloy, which has a higher protection level and more stable operation. Let's get acquainted together.

1. Open industrial touch display

The industrial touch display has no frame, only the interior. The application of some key accounts is mainly in small-sized equipment and small-sized, and there is not much space for installing general displays, such as ATM machines, commercial POS, etc., which are usually installed in customer equipment.

15.6 inch touch monitor embedded installation

2. Embedded industrial touch display 

Embedded industrial touch display, as the name suggests, it must be embedded in the customer's product, the customer's product must have a large and medium-sized control cabinet, only the panel of the embedded industrial touch display can be seen after installation, the rest is embedded in the client device, and the back is fixed with hooks ( Large control cabinets just need to open a large cutout according to the size of the opening in our recessed display installation diagram). No need to open any mounting holes elsewhere.


3. Rack-mounted industrial touch monitor

Generally speaking, the industrial touch display of the rack is mounted on a cabinet, such as a 19 inch cabinet, so its width is standard 19 inches, and the mounting holes are standard. U-number is turned on. Generally used in large cabinets such as telecommunications, power supplies and large servers.


4. Reverse flip-chip industrial touch display

Simply put, it is installed in reverse in the customer's cabinets and equipment, and is an industrial display that is installed inside the customer's equipment, unlike an open industrial touch display, it has an enclosure power supply whose edge coincides with the edge of the customer enclosure. It is commonly used in medium and large equipment such as power, machinery and medical industries.

 15.6"  industrial touch display

5. Wall-mounted industrial touch display

The function is that it can be hung, not only can be hung on the wall, most of them are installed on the customer's equipment, it can adjust the angle according to the customer's request with a suitable mounting arm, he can stay in any position for the user to watch, generally used for small, medium and large equipment.

The above content is a detailed introduction to the classification and application of industrial touch displays. Enterprises can comprehensively consider them according to their own needs and application environments.

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