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Arc LED display is how together

by:Toponetech     2021-02-26
Arc LED display visual Angle is bigger than ordinary LED display, more can fit into the structure of the installation construction. Widely for used in commercial buildings, real estate construction, hotels and other places. Then the arc LED display is how to make? LED display screen is divided into inner arc, arc outer arc, circle, elliptic arc, half arc display cabinet do you need radian, according to the geometric formula production is made with the LED cabinet radian, then pieced together, steel structure design according to the screen. For arc LED screen, using traditional transverse module will produce many problems, such as sewing, screen body curve is not smooth, can not adapt to the big radian. Therefore, in order to guarantee the radian smooth as far as possible, lian cheng USES vertical module, to achieve better surface smoothness, easy to assemble big radian display. Outside the arc display on the market at present to do more. There are three main methods: 1. The arc radius is more than one meter, the box body make it vertical rectangular, splicing installation line 2. Arc radius of the smaller, it is necessary to bring the box to make the radian, unit module, joining together of time attention line 3. If the radius of the arc smaller, less than 0. 5米,那只能特殊制作单元,将单元做成竖向长条,另外,做屏体钢结构的时候,需要做弧形处理资讯来源:小编光电 0 上一条 LED显示屏有一块全亮是为什么 下一条 LED显示屏安装申请流程_安装需要文件
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