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Android all-in-one computer application in industry is introduced

by:Toponetech     2020-03-26
Android all-in-one computer application in industry is introduced. Industrial tablet machine is a new type of between desktops and laptops market product, it will be the host part, a display part together the new form of the computer. Android all-in-one give priority to with industrial control computer more than ever, in recent years gradually extended to the medical, transportation and other fields. In the medical industry, medical industry is one of the more difficult, digital equipment to be used in health care system. Medical market demand of industrial computer, a lot of growth in recent years, health care providers hope that through the digital equipment, rapidly improve medical quality, to medical screening test, such as X-ray, ct scan, mri photography as an example, the scan will have more or less radiation problem, if the use of digital technology, will greatly shorten the scan time, reduce the human body damage. Safety monitoring and aerospace defense two fields also encountered the same situation, security monitoring and medical industry, the past is given priority to with traditional analogue, analog, though still account for shipment of commodities market, over the years but the overall shipping rate has been declining rapidly, the market is generally believed that IP architecture instead of simulation architecture is only a matter of time, and will not take long to have. Application of digital technology of IP security monitoring architecture, its high integration features allows monitoring of whole quality from passive to active, so as to save manpower and cost control purpose, but this one characteristic also get most of the equipment provider. In the field of national defense and space, this space high confidentiality, and product specification is much higher than all applications, and therefore less USES the PC technology, but the PC technology in recent years has gradually catch up with the field demand, business began to emerge, air defense system task days, usually requires accurate and complicated calculations, general PC products is difficult to achieve this requirement, must use the higher specifications of the industrial computer. Android all-in-one computer application advantages: android applications on mobile phones, tablets and other consumer electronic products. Consumer electronics pays attention to individual user experience, feel, touch sensitivity, function. Industrial applications are very different, relatively coarse appearance, single function, only need to implement a particular interface control function, need to set aside 232485 or CAN interface, thus to realize stable control. Contact with the equipment is operating workers. In touch ways, most android distribution is the capacitance screen, and is a multi-touch. Industrial application in fact many cases cannot be used capacitance screen, poor anti-interference capacitive screen industry, oil resistance is poor. So industrial control aspect, if android is to use, need to match the resistance touch screen is enough. In terms of hardware requirements, the requirements of the android than WinCE, Linux system hardware requirements much higher, that is to say, if the industry USES the android, hardware cost will be much higher. In addition, in terms of development cost, hiring a programmer is much higher than a configuration programming input costs. Many defects lead to few people on the market to research the android industry application. Android all-in-one PC, android tally instrument use and matters needing attention with android all-in-one computer is widely used in the field of equipment spot inspection, marks the spot checks handset ushered in the industrial tablet smart point inspection, so in the tally member on the operation of use must pay attention to some matters, and to understand the android all-in-one computer use in check, inspection and application. Android all-in-one computer applications: android all-in-one PC can be used in a digital hospital for the head of a bed service terminal and outpatient service terminal, improve the level of hospital service and management; Android all-in-one PC computer in the industrial field can be embedded into the machine, rack or in operation stage, make the man-machine operation interface display; Android all-in-one PC can be used in Banks, shopping malls, hotels, railway stations, bus stations, parks and other public places to do media player or query terminal; Android all-in-one computer can be used in high-grade village to do my service terminals, realize the intercom, query messages, cost, ordering goods, household appliances management, the temperature and humidity control, etc. Android all-in-one PC can be used in telecommunications, electric power, multimedia, in various fields such as national defense, automation equipment, manufacturing, brought the number is used as man-machine interface, thin client, PLC and POS communications, such as control terminal;
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