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And man-machine interface and embedded industrial tablets have to differ

by:Toponetech     2020-08-04
The abbreviation of HMI is the Human Machine Interface, man-machine Interface, also known as the man-machine Interface. The man-machine interface ( Also known as the user interface or the user interface) Is the interaction between system and user and the information exchange medium, it can realize the internal form and human accept form conversion between. All participate in man-machine communication field there is a man-machine interface. Man-machine interface HMI products are mainly divided into three categories: touch screen tablets, text terminals, the embedded industry, represented by touch screen products. Touch screen is our most commonly used with manufacturers man-machine interface configuration software, the factory is manufacturer of configuration software into the interface. Many domestic manufacturers, such as Taiwan wei lun tong, Taiwan, mainland state of kunlun pass, display control, step families, dimension control, crown tektronix manufacturers. Text terminal similar to the touch screen, but without a touch function, display resolution, much less communication port, and other functions. Embedded industrial tablets, namely one with mobile phone, PDA, the similar tablet, with industrial interface has a WinCE operating system, Linux, Android three mainstream operating system. Most representative of the crown teck is shenzhen technology co. , LTD. , the product contains WinCE, Linux, three system embedded industrial-grade Android tablet PC, CPU is the standard Intel celeron J1900 quad-core 2. 0 g, higher can customize according to customer need higher level configuration. Man-machine interface industrial tablet difference between them: 1. Man-machine interface configuration software application development platform software generally divided into two parts, namely the run on software and hardware of the HMI system running on PC screen configuration software of the Windows operating system ( Such as JB - HMI screen configuration software) 。 Users must first use the HMI screen configuration software to make 'engineering documents', again through the PC serial communication mouth and HMI products, the establishment good 'engineering documents' downloaded to the processor in the operation of the HMI. Embedded software industrial tablet interface is similar to the PC application development, use most is the Microsoft integrated development environment for visual studio 2005 or VS2008 ( Development based on the WinCE system industrial tablet) , QT Creator development ( Suitable for Linux industrial tablet) Based on Java development, the Eclipse integrated development environment ( Applicable to develop android tablet industrial application) And the Labview ( Support WinCE development) 。 Development of time only need to call the manufacturer can provide the underlying API calls tablets buzzer, backlight, GPIO interface, etc. 2. Transplant system interface and function upgrade the configuration interface of manufacturer's dependence is very strong, the user if want to change suppliers and interface source code can change in line with the only manufacturer of configuration software platform to make, transplant type is very poor. Man-machine interface configuration, as it were, in fact is to be binding hardware and binding as software, the possibility of change is very low, affect the future system upgrades. Do not supply the collapse of one thousand factory, this possibility is not without. Relative to the configuration interface, embedded industrial tablet is actually a small open computer, similar to the PC, as long as I've developed good application, keep the source code, source code is based on the language programming, versatility and transplantation model is very strong. Yang and science and technology, for example, I use the shenzhen WinCE industrial tablets made an application interface, retained the source code, want to upgrade for a period of time, the function of the factory over there, so I can be repaired in the original source code based on extended functions, portable to other manufacturers better hardware platforms, thus avoiding the reprogrammed to write code. Portability and versatility is very strong. 3. System interface is considerable, beautiful sex configuration interface depends on the manufacturer to provide configuration software development platform, too tend to industrial applications, gallery is more rigid, make the interface obviously is rough. This is because the configuration software platform functionality provided by the manufacturer is also with great limitations, affected the programmer freedom and flexibility. On the contrary, using Microsoft visual studio integrated development environment or VS2008 (2005 Development based on the WinCE system industrial tablet) , QT Creator development ( Suitable for Linux industrial tablet) Based on Java development, the Eclipse integrated development environment to develop the interface effect of gorgeous, interface is exquisite, is suitable for industrial applications, not only is more suitable for cross-industry application, and even civil. To make the interface effect is good, the product class nature will go up, the customer is willing to give much more money. 4. Hardware interface and extended interface configuration interface hardware interface basic is done with a serial port, Ethernet front-end ports are common, such as interface is a single, generally are single serial interface mode, double serial port, Ethernet interface price is much higher. Embedded industrial tablets are generally contains all the interface configuration interface, also extends the CAN interface, the GPIO port, AD analog acquisition, audio input/output interface, etc. Can extend the GPRS module, scanning guns, speaking, reading and writing module, RFID module functions, performance advantage obviously. 5. Price advantage man-machine interface configuration relatively cheap many, mainly concentrated in the single serial interface screen, if add the Ethernet and expensive. Embedded industrial general default tablets with multiple serial port, Ethernet front-end ports, audio, GPIO interface, such as the cost price is a bit high. But for larger, such as 10 inch, both price is similar, but the embedded tablets price cheaper.
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