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Analysis on the application of video processor in full-color LED display

by:Toponetech     2021-04-23
The video processor is a witness and iconic device for the birth, growth, and maturity of full-color LED displays. Today, LED dedicated video processing equipment has gradually matured in the process. The advantages and disadvantages of LED video processors directly affect the LED The display effect of the display. In general, the LED video processor is a dedicated video processor for LEDs. And the task it needs to complete, in simple terms, is to convert the image signal from the outside (such as Blu-ray DVD, computer, high-definition playback box, etc.) into a signal that the can accept. In this process, the LED video processor generally needs to complete the following processes: 1. Resolution specification conversion: Generally speaking, the signal resolution provided by the image signal source (such as Blu-ray DVD, computer, high-definition playback box, etc.) has a fixed The specifications (refer to VESA, ITU, SMPTE and other standards), and the modular splicing display of the touch display screen makes its resolution almost any value. The video processor converts various signal resolutions into the actual physical display resolution of the . 2. Color space conversion: The color gamut of LED displays is very wide, and the color space of most image signals is relatively small (such as NTSC). In order for the to have an excellent image display effect, color space conversion must be carried out. 3. Increased bit depth: The gray level of the current has been increased to 16 bits and 17 bits, but the input signal source is mostly only 8 bits. Therefore, following the advent of the era of high-definition display, the application of 10-bit or even 12-bit processing technology in video processors has become a general trend. 4. Scaling: During the conversion of the resolution specification, the image needs to be scaled. Whether the resolution is increased or decreased, the complete image can be displayed on the screen. 5. Image processing and enhancement technology: Digital image processing technology has developed from the 1920s to the present, and a large number of patented technologies have emerged. For example, DCDi, ACC2, ACM3D, etc. are a series of patented technologies of the Emmy Award-winning Faroudja Laboratory. These technologies have undoubtedly greatly improved the visual effects of images
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