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Analysis of the main functional indicators of the led display

by:Toponetech     2021-06-03
Abstract: Beginning in 1998, after five years, with the organization and efforts of the Committee (now the China Optical Association Branch), the ' Testing Method' industry standard (hereinafter referred to as the 'standard') will be released soon Implement. In order to correctly guide users to understand the performance indicators of LED displays, it is very important to standardize the market. Since 1998, after five years, it has been organized in the Committee (now the China Optical Association Branch) With our efforts, the industry standard 'Testing Methods for Screens' (hereinafter referred to as 'Standards') will be released and implemented soon. So as to correctly guide users to understand the performance indicators of screens, it is of great significance to standardize the screen market. In order to better implement the standards, the following suggestions are made.  1 Maximum brightness    In the industry 'standards' discussed at the end of last year, there is no clear characteristic requirement for the important performance of maximum brightness, which is in line with GB/T1.2-2002. In 'Guidelines for Standardization Part 2: Methods for Determining Normative Technical Elements in Standards,' 5.4.3 Values u200bu200bdetermined by suppliers mentioned: If diversification of products is allowed, some characteristic values u200bu200bof products can be There is no need to make provisions (although these characteristics have a significant impact on the performance of the product). Because the use environment of touch display screens is very different, the illuminance (that is, the ambient brightness as ordinary people call it) is not the same, so for most complex products, as long as the corresponding test method is specified in the standard, the supplier will provide a performance data ( Product information) The list is better than the specific performance requirements given in the standard. These are in line with international standards, but this has caused unrealistic comparisons in bidding, and users do not understand this. As a result, the maximum brightness required in many bids is often far higher than actual needs. Therefore, it is recommended that in order to guide users to correctly understand the performance index of the maximum brightness of the , the industry must give a guide: in some occasions, under different illumination environments, what value the brightness of the touch display can meet Claim. LED full-color display LED module wholesale Indoor
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