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Analysis of Power Supply Design and Use of Outdoor LED Display

by:Toponetech     2021-05-07
Abstract:    power supplies are widely used in various electronic products, represented by LED electronic display switching power supplies, outdoor power supplies and indoor applications require different requirements, of the two, the outdoor power supply requirements are more stringent, so Terence will explain for everyone Application power for outdoor LED display. The research of LED electronic display uses screen power supply which is widely used in various electronic products. With LED electronic display switching power supply as the representative, outdoor power supply and indoor application requirements are different. Of the two, outdoor power supply requirements are more stringent, so Terence explains the application power of outdoor LED display.   The research of LED electronic display screen adopts 8×8 dot matrix display, focusing on dynamic processing method. Due to the limitations of the display screen, only English and numbers can be displayed in this research design. A basic LED screen consists of 64 LEDs in 8 rows and 8 columns. The display has two connection modes: common cathode and common anode. Design Ideas For LED electronic display screens composed of 8×8 dot matrix, the data terminal is generally connected to the 8-bit parallel data port of the microprocessor, and the strobe terminal is enabled (strobe) one by one, and the one that needs to be lit is selected. For a certain column, the dynamic display effect is realized through time-sharing multiplexing. There are generally two gating methods: independent gating and decoding gating. If the screen is small and the processor has enough I/O ports available, each I/O port can be connected to a strobe port. If the screen is large or the processor’s I/O ports are not very rich, you can use Decoding method to strobe. For example, when 8 pieces of 8×8 dot matrix LEDs form an 8×128 dot matrix LED screen, the direct strobe mode requires 64 I/O ports, while the decode strobe mode only requires 6 I/O ports.  Hardware circuit  In the LED display system, an 8×8 display screen is used, so 8 strobe I/O ports are used, and the strobe method adopts an independent strobe method. Provide the strobe signal through the software Atmega16 I/O port. Atmega16 does not need to add its drive circuit, the software atmega16 has the ability to drive directly. Software design The characters displayed on the 8×8 dot matrix LED screen need to be converted into actual display data by taking the modulus. This process can be realized by the PCtoLCD2002 software. PctoLCD2002 is a kind of LCD font generation software, which is also suitable for dot matrix LED. The screen performs font generation. The specification of the English characters selected here is 8×8 dot matrix, and the modulus mode is set to cathode, column by column, and forward at the same time.  The outdoor touch display application environment is stricter, and good products think about all the problems that will arise as much as possible. The outdoor LED power supply uses two timing controllers to control the brightness and the speed of the information content. 【Dual-color touch display】【PH10 full-color display】
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