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AI intelligent household will become the mainstream in the future

by:Toponetech     2020-07-31
What is AI? The artificial intelligence. In recent years, the major manufacturers started intensive smart home layout, a large number of domestic excellent intelligent household brand rapid rise, promote intelligent household industry entered a period. The rapid development of smart home, and promote the Internet of things, such as artificial intelligence technology update iteration, so as to realize the escalation in the form of smart home control. Intelligent primary: terminal control a lot of smart home firms think that intelligent product of the basic conditions, is controlled by manual control into the terminal. The emergence of smartphones, is a very suitable control terminal. As a result, they make products with mobile control, as intelligent household products for sale. For example, air conditioning plus phones into intelligent air conditioning, TV and mobile phone into a smart TV, etc. For many products, has a mobile phone is not necessarily better than no phone control more intelligent. Most of the time, we insist the user control household appliances, mobile phone can let users with intelligent instead. It also suggests that users are not satisfied with the terminal control, eager to more simple and intelligent control method. Hands free: voice control in order to meet the needs of the user's hands free, voice control as interactive control method of human nature, gradually broke out in the smart home industry. Smart speaker is regarded as the entrance to the smart home. Intelligent household domestic enterprises have began to layout, baidu's small intelligent speakers, alibaba Tmall elf, are smart home control method on the voice control transfer. Intelligent speakers as a carrier of voice interaction, make it possible for voice control home appliances. Users only need to tell the command, you can switch operating household appliances. Existing voice interaction techniques, but also can realize voice classics, information query, preschool education of life, and chat, and other functions, basically can satisfy the users the necessary scenes of family life. Products without influence: inductive control from the voice control to the inductive control, show that the road to the evolution of the smart home, intelligent products do not influence, like air, to exist. Smart home market today has a few intelligent product realization in the induction control, such as people to the bright, people walk the intelligent induction tube light, and most of the product is still not reach the induction control stage. Idealized intelligence lives in the next stage, is the induction of intelligent product control. Intelligent product can sense the user's status, so as to make adjustments to equipment, and from the trouble of user manual. Outloud rain shut down automatically, such as Windows, washing machine according to the clothing material in the selection of the suitable for washing mode and so on. Real intelligent: system since become passive to active learning is intelligence household path of evolution. Inductive control, although there is a high intelligent degree, but still belongs to the passive control, only realizing intelligent household after active automation, intelligent can bring users really feel. There are domestic manufacturers tentatively intelligent household system of autonomous learning, such as with ring close to the TV, TV can identify too close to the human body, to reduce the screen brightness or temporary screen backlight automatically shut down, in order to protect the human eye. In the future, will be the era of smart home, which is the inevitable trend of the development of science and technology. Crown teck adhere to customize the touch screen, we consistently.
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