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Advantages of bus LED display!

by:Toponetech     2021-04-10
Abstract: Bus LED displays are mobile and public. One: Bus LED displays are mobile and public. Compared with traditional wired screens, the biggest advantage and difference of this product is that it can receive, store, and display in the flow. Information, its setting range is not restricted by region, which can save a lot of money for media investors. Such as traffic management: electronic screens can be installed at traffic intersections and highways to provide information on road conditions, traffic laws and public morals; on buses, passengers can be provided with station information, public information, advertising, etc., which can be described as sitting The bus knows the world'.    The bus system is a window of the city and the city’s business card. It is a good measure to promote and beautify the city through electronic windows. Recently, many city buses are scrolling on the bus touch display. Play safety public service advertisements.    For example: Cherish life, travel civilized, stay away from drinking and driving, and broadcast traffic safety education examples on the screen, and citizens can receive traffic safety education while riding on the bus.    2: Bus LED display operation Easy to use and diversified. The electronic display uses a computer to input information into the screen; you can also input information through remote control; you can also input information through mobile phone text messages. The diversification of information input brings great convenience to users  3: The bus LED display screen has news and instantaneous information storage capacity, which can transmit daily news reports, policies and regulations, public information (such as weather information), urban culture, cultural education and other information through the electronic screen Passed to the public, its public welfare is particularly prominent, it is the mouthpiece of the government and the window of urban civilization. [Taxi LED display]
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