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add capacitive touch switch to your projects

by:Toponetech     2020-04-14
How to add a capacitive touch switch to your project in homeHi. In this tutorial, I will show you how to add the capacitive touch switch to your electronics project step by step to give your diy project a professional look and more features.
The touch switch is a switch that can only be operated by an object.
It is used for many lamps and wall switches with a metallic appearance as well as for public computer terminals.
The touch screen includes a range of touch switches on the display.
The touch switch is the simplest of the tactile sensors.
Sooner or later, this switch will replace the old contact switch. all modern electronic devices are equipped with this switch, just like the old transistor will soon be replaced by the mosfet transistor. the capacitor switch is a capacitor switch, only one electrode is needed for the capacitor switch to work.
Electrodes can be placed in non-
Conductive panels such as wood, glass or plastic.
The switch works with a body capacitor, a feature of the human body that gives it great electrical properties.
The switch maintains charge and discharge on the outside of the metal to detect changes in the capacitance.
When a person touches it, their body increases the capacitance and triggers the switch.
The capacitor switch is commercially available as an integrated circuit from many manufacturers.
These devices can also be used as short-
The distance is close to the sensor.
To make (assemble)
We need the following components and motherboards which are very cheap and useful and we will make some adjustments in future projects, make it a non-switch, latch-on/Latch-off, etc. Soldering gun-Solder-Flux-Wires-powerbank-
The capacitor chopping board project is based on this cheap, small, and reliable capacitor button circuit, which, as usual, is not described on the website.
So we have to dig into something to achieve this so that you can easily copy it at home.
In order to power this chip, you need-
Details TTP223 touch button module capacitance type single-way self-locking touch switch sensor capacitance sensor specification: working voltage 2. 0V~5.
5 v operating current @ VDD = 3 v in low power mode, no load, SLRFTB = 1, typical value 1. 5uA, maximum 3.
Typical 0uA and fast mode 3. 5uA, maximum 7.
0 ua operating current @ VDD = 3 v in low power mode, no load, SLRFTB = 0, typical value 2. 0uA, maximum 4.
Typical values in 0uA and fast mode 6. 5uA, maximum 13.
0 uAThe response time is about 60 MS at most in fast mode and about 220 MS at most in low power mode @ VDD = 3 v provides fast mode and low power mode selection via pad option (LPMB pin)
Working temperature :-
TTP223 is a touchpad detector IC that offers 1 touch key.
The touch detection IC is designed to replace traditional direct keys with different pad sizes.
Low power consumption and wide operating voltage are key features of contacts for DC or AC applications. Here you have a diagram of how I can connect the capacitive touch switch to the power group and the case where I use the power group output in both, 5 v can be lower than and in order to protect the chip, ttp223 has 3 pins gnd, I/o, vccyou will connect the wire accordingly, and I noticed that there are more additional pins A, B. but for another tutorial, how to add a capacitive touch switch circuit to modern touch activation sensor diy to convert all your items electronic items in today\'s video we will use the cheap and practical capacitive touch switch circuit on the AliExpress, it truly transforms the diy electronics project into a beautiful touch sensor that can be improved and added to any project, car, caravan, panel board and some modifications to the power supply 120 v/220 v device.
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