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About the industrial touch control display application scheme is introduced

by:Toponetech     2020-09-02
By product line and high additional value satisfaction is not the same with market demand, new demand for niche market derived satisfaction, crown teck many industrial touch control display with high brightness, frivolous commodity characteristics, and deployment of perfect embedded channel to assist system vendors to save development time and verification under the condition of capital goods, hurtling combined with good resolution plan. With embedded using automatic control from traditional category extended to the use of straight industry, bag yesterday rugged industrial display in addition to still have the moisture, shock, temperature, anti-jamming strong features such as wide, the new demand derived from crown teck has become the key points of this kind of display plan. Thus crown teck on such demand in particular, from the high brightness, frivolous plans, and combined with embedded channel plan out the efficiency of the display of utility and capital efficiency combination plan. Intact product line satisfied different needs: crown teck pointed out that the use of the demand according to different category, industrial touch control monitors the supply of goods also become more diversified, such as the simple supply panel goods only, and can you improve the installed power and save space industrial LCD screen, or is supply special scale display of industry control. The use of this store is bound for promotion in the future, appeared in a very good products to replace the existing application. Professional skills make warranty extension and more perfect after-sales service: after a perfect commodity function, another thing that upset system manufacturer's warranty and repair services, due to different in cost of goods frequently updated, industrial goods supply is necessary to have a long time to satisfied goods long life characteristics. From a professional plan, diversification of product line, and embedded channels to seamlessly combine to perfect after-sales service, crown teck industrial touch control display supplies the combined with high additional value of the plan, can let the system based on different market demand to choose their own manufacturers show product, can let the manufacturers in time and under the situation of provincial capital hurtling combined with a good solution.
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