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A LED display control card can bring how many boards

by:Toponetech     2021-03-06
A LED display control card can bring how many boards? This depends on the control card loading area. Such as single and double color of nova U48 usb card. Its loading area is: monochrome: 48 k 3072 x16, 1536 x32, 1024 x48, 768 x64 double color: 24 k 1536 x16, 768 x32, 512 x48, 384 x64 single control card can control 49152 pixels. Control of small make up P10 monochromatic boards. A bat is 32 * 16 pixels. Then, 49152 / ( 32 * 16) 96 = 96 a control card can control board. Control card parameters. The parameters of the control card in the above specification, if manual lost so you know the control card type to the corresponding query. 5 under one of the world's largest indoor LED display a LED display screen display control card type
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