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8 'industry tablet manufacturers _8 inch tablet custom manufacturer of brightness

by:Toponetech     2020-03-30
8 inch industrial tablet manufacturers, 8 inch industrial tablet custom manufacturer of brightness. As our life of growing demand for industrial tablets, industrial tablets are also available on the market more and more. From what respect to consider industrial tablets? 1, screen display industrial tablet brightness requirements, indoor environment brightness of 250 ~ 300 CD / ㎡ sunlight readable, if in outdoor applications, is usually very high brightness requirements, need 500 ~ 1000 CD / ㎡. 2, strong and durable industrial tablet is mainly used in the bad environment, so the device itself good anti-corrosion features, dustproof, waterproof, shockproof. Company to provide users with IP65 rating of seats ears the front panel of water-proof and dust-proof. 3, backlight life in industrial applications, due to environmental factors, the general cold Yin fluorescent lamp life for 30000 ~ 50000 hours. My company's backlighting time is long, to provide users with high-quality display performance. 4, screen color in some industrial applications, and when the colorful information is more important than the text and Numbers of cases, the measurement of color as a control on the number of the percentage of the NTSC color saturation is very important, at present mainly depends on the backlit LCD products at saturation, CCF is very mainstream application technology at present, often can achieve the color saturation of 70% 80%, if you want to close to full color saturation, so usually backlit LED technology to achieve. Of seats ear intelligence company is one specialized is engaged in the industrial tablet product research, development, and service of professional and technical enterprises. Our company introduced industrial tablet has been widely used military-industrial complex, telecommunications, metallurgy, traffic, electric power, railway, aviation, communication, finance, networking, medical, machinery manufacturing, precision instruments and other fields. My company has a high-quality, long-term and stable r&d team and customer service team. The r&d team is committed to developing and innovative products to meet different customer needs and solutions in the field of industry. Team mission is to develop the high output, cost and competitive to meet the market demand for products, in order to provide the perfect all-round service. Our company advocates with the customer for this, all-round marketing strategy, value through OEM/ODM cooperation to strengthen the close cooperation with partners, put your needs, our pursuit as a corporate motto, to provide customers with high quality, comprehensive services. With my company's technology accumulation and thoughtful and meticulous service has won numerous users recognition and high praise. I companies can customize according to customer's system, meet the demand of customers more: 1, 2, price custom size order 3, fully waterproof custom 4, functional custom 5, screen brightness custom 6, touch custom 7 8, hardware configuration, customization, working temperature custom 9 application scenario for customization. 10 screen automatic photosensitive regulating custom welcome more users in need friends to inquire more information about it. Nanjing reach seats ear intelligent technology co. , LTD. Address: jiangning district, nanjing city, jiangsu province provender hill street east road no. 12 wang provender weeks rotary phone: 17037625086 qq: 21764109601111 microsoftinternetexplorer402documentnotspecified7. 8 pounds Normal0
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