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8 'industry tablet custom RFID_8 inch tablet custom amplifiers

by:Toponetech     2020-03-31
8 'industrial tablet custom RFID, 8 inch industrial tablet custom amplifiers. In general industrial tablet COM has one or two serial ports, some also have more than one. So, for those who are only one or two COM serial industrial tablets, need to connect to multiple devices, how should do? Generally speaking, we extend industrial tablets can be COM instead of USB interface for a serial port or serial port using the Mini PCIE expands COM serial port two ways. One, COM instead of USB interface for a serial port 1, first of all, prepare a USB serial port, you can see this kind of cable is standard USB port at one end, can connect the USB port of industrial computer, one end is a standard 9 pin serial male head, can connect to the target device; 2, turn again to install the USB driver, serial port cable driver files will generally when buying cable attached to the CD, you can download from the Internet; 3, double-click the setup driver installation files, install the drives to industrial tablets; 4, turn the USB serial port cable plugged into industrial tablets free USB data mouth; 5, because the serial data line increase generally is not the default serial port 1, so I need to find a new serial number. Open the [ My computer 】 ; 6, in the My computer 】 Right click, choose' Device 】 ; 7, can be in the Port 】 Option to see new serial port for the COM3】 ; 8, open the serial port assistant software, in the serial number of the location choice 【 COM3】 ; 9, click Open the serial port 】 Said, you can see the lights have been lit, a serial port connection is normal. So you can come by this new serial debugging equipment. For industrial tablet COM serial port expansion, if you still don't quite understand, smart manufacturers can contact for seats, ears, we will provide you with solutions. Of seats ears company sales of industrial tablets basic hardware interface includes: power supply interface & times; 1、USB× 4, so & times; 2、VGA× 1、HDMI× 1、WiFi× 1、COM× 2 * 2, audio input and output, and at the same time can be customized according to customer's requirements of industrial tablets camera/RFID/ID card to identify more, including: 1, 2, 3 g module ID card reader: huawei 3 g module 3, 4 g module: huawei netcom module 4, ID card: all 13. 56 mz; External built-in general, camera: 2 million pixels, 5 million pixels two equipment; 6 tablets, at the same time the android industry also provides GPS function matching function. 7, fingerprint readers: fingerprint module QS808LF11UA containing control panel ( Capacitance module) 8, NFC reader: payment terminal NFC, speaking, reading and writing, the ACS ACR1251U - M1 USB interface, RFID/IC card reader: RFID reader non-contact ID, IC card M1 EM; CPU card reader module LS6823D - read card M; 125千赫+ 13。 Dual-frequency 56 MHZ, speaking, reading and writing
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