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65 Inch 2500nits High Brightness 4k Open Frame Monitor Customization Solution

65 Inch 2500nits High Brightness 4k Open Frame Monitor Customization Solution


1. Negotiation

This was a email from Mexico. The customer wanted to customize some displays for outdoor using with no touch. He told us the display performance requirements was IP65 waterproof, 4K resolution and 2500nits high brightness. According customer requirements, we gave a simple hand-painted design draft, discussed with him, and explained patiently how we would design for him. Finally he approved this monitor solution.

1. Our hand-painted design draft

2. Offer picture

2. Design

After getting the customer support, we designed a LCD monitor solution with 65-inch, waterproof, resolution 4K,and 6 fans on the back to solve the Heat dissipation problem.

3. Making Samples

1. Samples picture

2. Samples video

4. Mass Production

When the customer approves the sample, we will mass manufacture for you. There is the whole process of manufacture, we are always careful to complete each step.

Touch monitors Production flow chart:Materials procurement--Incoming material inspection--Fit the touch screen and LCD screen--, Assembling the AD board-- the inverter board, and the keypad--Data line connection--Shell assembly--Finished product inspection--Aging test--external assessment--package

1. 4K screen manufacturing inspection

5. FQC

After the production is completed, we will perform a 100% inspection of the display to ensure that each product is 100% qualified.

All the products we provide must go through 9 inspection tests. Screen aging test and high and low temperature test can improve the reliability of the product effectively. And we can provide you with the best quality.

We have those test types:1.The first one is to start the test at a temperature of 40-50°C  for 24 hours, or 48 hours at normal temperature to observe whether the panel of the product is stable. 2.Temperature & Humidity Test: Usually, it will be operated at a low temperature of -10°C and a high temperature of 70°C to ensure that the product can adapt to a high-intensity working environment.

6. Shipment

7. Customer Feedback

The customer encountered a such problem during use:

The products was placed outdoors. Next day, it was found to be foggy inside the display. Customer thought it might be a quality problem and discussed with us.

We investigated the recent local temperature and humidity of the customer and found that the temperature difference between day and night in Mexico was large (High/Low(℃) 21°/9°) and the humidity was 85%.

We told him that this was a normal phenomenon caused by too much temperature difference and high humidity. We had proposed two solutions:

1. According to the local situation,Make them work some hours in advance.

2. Put some desiccant to reduce the impact of moisture. After trying these methods, customer told us it was useful and thanks very much for our service.

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