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5 g enable the Internet of things, the future will bring change to industrial displays

by:Toponetech     2020-08-20
Digital is changing our world, the amount of current global networking equipment for more than the total population of the earth. Among them, the Internet of things through with automation technology, artificial intelligence, and the combination of cloud computing use, realize the transformation of traditional industries to the intelligent manufacturing. On the network for the Internet of things, high demand is a big resistance, its development but gradually along with the 5 g to commercial, Internet of things this problem will be solved, and for various segments of the Internet of things development done well prepared. Because 5 g has the advantage of high transmission rate, it also makes the industrial field of Internet of things become the most benefit from market segment. Crown teck is committed to digital self-service terminal services in areas such as research and development, to deal with software and hardware equipment development and production of industrial iot demand provides professional solutions, in order to promote the complete service system of city adds new power! Crown teck display solutions for industrial field of Internet of things: 1, the innovation of the man-machine interface in the past in the industrial field, the computer screen even more primitive monitor still dominates, but now the situation is changing, the market demand for industrial monitor can no longer be satisfied with simple display requirements, dealing with the diversity of the industrial environment, industrial monitor in such aspects as performance, stability and customization has higher requirements. Therefore, under the urgent demand of traditional industrial upgrading, crown teck will spirit and innovative ideas into the company product research and development, the company industrial display equipment not only appearance elegant fashion, with aluminium alloy body, display panels before also by IP65 waterproof standard flat surface, make man-machine interface more clear and smooth. 2, better predictive maintenance for many years, predictive maintenance in industrial environment has been playing an increasingly important role, the continuous growth of the industry content networking components also provides more information than ever before. As a kind of industrial iot technology, predictive maintenance will become the future industrial management personnel's good assistant. Crown teck industrial monitor software can be independent compatible, embedded predictive maintenance technology, for the user equipment security escort. 3, guarantee the network security in the early stages of industrial Internet of things in the process of the task, because of huge data, often appear desultorily, with the progress of technology, these phenomena have gradually reduced. Crown teck this pain points for users, USES the independent research and development in the industrial display driver board, and configure multiple safety protection design, resulting in the dual protection of information security. 4, more flexible shift in industrial environment, due to the complexity of the production process and change, make a lot of industrial intelligent device requires a lot of flexibility. Crown teck industrial displays not only in installation, flexible change in support desktop type, wall hung, such as installation, at the interface, visual angles, such as working temperature Settings, in addition to the regular demand, also can be customized according to user's requirements, make equipment use more flexible. 5, more efficient automation with automation system continues to prove its value, the future industrial enterprises will invest more funds, and see the remarkable efficiency and lower Labour costs. Industrial display as one of the important data monitoring equipment production process, the need to have high stability to automatic operation security. Crown teck industrial monitor with anti-static, resistance to vibration, shock, anti-interference, dustproof, waterproof, such as performance, even in high temperature and high pressure, dust, grease and other harsh industrial environments can ensure stable operation of operation, and can realize 7 * 24 trouble-free operation, power automation industry to produce more. 6, expand application scenario as the display market demand rising, industrial monitors because of its superior performance characteristics, not only applied in industry. Crown teck industrial monitor can not only flexible use in industrial scene, it should be consistent with the field of artificial intelligence, security, health, education, business intelligence terminal and information and communication, etc. Can say, the arrival of 5 g, for industrial Internet of things, is a new turning point. For the industrial monitor, vice-versa. With 5 g of high transmission capacity, the future industrial displays in data transmission, display, will get over! In addition, for industries such as crown teck intelligent touch-screen display equipment vendors, 5 g undoubtedly bring more the possibility of application scenarios, will also make industrial display equipment data transmission capabilities to the next level. Predictably, 5 g for iot, industrial intelligent touch-screen display equipment manufacturers bring more market opportunities!
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