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5 advantages of industrial touch screen, compatible with IOS/Android and other systems

5 advantages of industrial touch screen, compatible with IOS/Android and other systems


Speaking of the advantages of the industrial touch display, the most intuitive feeling to me is that the touch responds immediately, and the operation is convenient. The general computer needs to use the keyboard and mouse to complete a series of operations, but the industrial touch display is different, just need to slide a little to complete. Due to the expansion of demand factors in the office and production fields, the application scope of industrial touch display has become wider. Let's take a look at the 5 advantages of industrial touch display with Top One Tech.

23.8 Inch LCD Open Frame Touchscreen Monitor (the Water-proof IP 65 and PCAP touch screen monitor)

1. The system has good openness

The industrial touch display has an open architecture, which is compatible with IOS, Android, and Raspberry Pi systems, and can directly run various application software. The hardware adopts an open bus structure system. Whether it is the host or supporting various I/O templates and communication modules, they are all produced according to certain standards, and the required products can be easily purchased in the market. Since the openness and replaceability are better, it is easier to integrate the hardware of the computer control system.

2. High security

Considering the particularity of industrial touch monitors, most of them use industrial driver boards to make them safer and more stable. In the first step, their components usually use industrial-grade components from well-known brands at home and abroad. The control chip adopts industrial-grade display chips from big brands, which can ensure the long-term stability of the industrial touch display.

3. Anti-magnetic and anti-static

Overall, the best cost-effective industrial touch monitors last longer. It uses pressure-resistant design, anti-static design, anti-interference design and anti-magnetic design. Motherboard power management usually uses imported brand chips. It features high reliability, wide operating temperature and low relative humidity requirements.

23.8 Inch LCD PCAP Open Frame Touchscreen Monitor Water-proof IP65 - TopOneTech

4. Excellent picture quality

Industrial touch displays have been carefully designed, including multi-layer structures, and their image quality should be better. For example, it uses an industrially controlled LED-backlit HD LCD screen. Indoor colors are still excellent, making the on-screen display better.

5. Good heat dissipation

According to the manufacturer of the industrial touch display, it is highly waterproof and fully meets dust and water resistance standards. When it is installed in the control cabinet, it can prevent water droplets and water vapor from splashing into the site and avoid affecting the operation of the equipment. In addition, it has excellent heat dissipation. Many industrial touch monitors are made of aluminum alloy, not only beautiful and textured, but also the heat dissipation performance of the product has been improved.

The above are the five major advantages of industrial touch display screens introduced by Top One Tech. Of course, in addition to the advantages introduced above, there are many advantages that we have not introduced. With the continuous upgrading of touch technology, The advantages of industrial touch display are still being explored continuously.

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